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Working life: why, even when they earn more, women do more housework than men

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More and more women are earning more than their male partners, but this situation is still a source of insecurity and discomfort for both.

When Erin met her boyfriend, they were both working minimum wage.

She studied and worked part-time in customer service, while he was a chef. In 2020, she landed what she calls her first “big person” job in local government, which gave her professional career a boost. Now 27, Erin earns far more than her partner.

“When I picked up the phone to say I had the job, we immediately talked about the salary,” recalls Erin, who lives in Yorkshire, UK. “I asked him if the fact that I earn more made him uncomfortable. He said yes, he likes being able to do things for me that I can’t afford, because he feels like take care of me. But he doesn’t feel disadvantaged by my higher salary. He just wants me to be happy.”

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