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Working in Australia, what are the steps for a student?

If you are an international student in Australia, you have an obligation to maintain a good level of attendance. This level will be graded by your institution of study. Some schools require 80% class attendance and satisfactory progress. This is also one of the obligations of the student visa. And you also have to take steps to be accepted into a student job. How to proceed ? What formalities do I need to complete to work in Australia as a student?

What are the student visa requirements for working in Australia?

Are you planning to study in Australia? Are you in the process of applying for a student visa? If you do not want to compromise your chances of success in your study project, it is important to know all the constraints attached to your visa and to comply with them.

Do not miss anything from your schooling

It is important not to jeopardize your student visa once you arrive there, by putting little seriousness in your studies. In general, you cannot miss classes by more than 20%. Therefore, even if you only have a few classes a week, you must arrange so that your student job does not encroach on your class schedules.

It is therefore a question of explaining your situation to your employer and agreeing with him on schedules that suit you. And this is not won in advance! It is better to opt for temporary work or work paid by the hour. With any luck, your student visa will not be an obstacle to your work. To be sure of getting such a job, you can work in cafes, restaurants or shops that accept students more easily and are often understanding.

Take advantage of the school holiday periods!

During school or university holidays, there is in principle no restriction on your workload. Keep in mind, however, that when renewing your visa during the holiday period, you must have left your job when the start of the school year is near. Indeed, for all visas, even for the student visa, it is strictly forbidden to start gainful employment before the start of the academic year.

However, the rule does not apply to sending CVs. Take advantage of the holidays to quickly increase your workload, or send requests, the start date of which may be later than that of your return to school or university.

What are the administrative documents required to work in Australia?

To work in Australia with your special student visa, you must absolutely complete a certain number of steps.

Administrative procedures

Once you have your student visa in your pocket, you cannot start a job search without having:

  • obtained your “tax file number” or Australian tax identification number which will allow the tax authorities to invoice you;
  • opened a bank account;
  • established your CV in Australian format;
  • obtained an Australian phone number and a local phone plan;
  • obtain your ABN (australian business number) or Australian business number.

Certifications to obtain

In the event that the job you are applying for falls into certain special categories, you will be required to obtain professional certifications to be attached to your student visa. To exercise certain categories of jobs, it is necessary and often mandatory to obtain certain certifications. This is the case for the following certifications:

  • the “Forklift license” in the event that your job requires you to drive machinery such as a forklift;
  • the “Working at Heights Certificate” if you have to work at height;
  • the RSG (Responsible Service of Gambling): this certificate is required for people who wish to practice in the world of gambling;
  • the WWC Check (Working With Children Check): this certification is required, in addition to your student visa, if you wish to work in organizations related to children;
  • RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol): this certification is necessary if you want to work in the hospitality industry, particularly as an alcohol server. In this area, additional barista training may also be requested;
  • the “White Card” will be required if you plan to work in construction. This certificate may be supplemented by the “Confined space certificate” for working in confined environments, and the “First Aid” which is training intended for the administration of first aid;
  • etc

The student visa is therefore not sufficient to practice in certain professional circles. These certificates are mandatory. And even if their cost may seem high, the return on investment is rapid.

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