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Women aged 45+, thanks to the free WISE program, get back to work!

After suspending your career to raise your children, support that of your spouse or even to recover your health, you want to find a job but you find yourself faced with an abyss of complexity that takes you away from the world of work. Change the game by joining WISE! This unparalleled program has been expressly designed for you in order to give you the keys to regaining self-confidence, making yourself heard, being visible and reconnecting with the world of work.

WISE: a program designed by a senior woman for women aged 45+
It’s been more than 20 years sinceElizabeth Youngfounder and president of the WAVE association which promotes women in the automotive sector, has in mind the WISE program dedicated to senior women. “I have never put up with the form of mistreatment they suffer in their search for employment. Putting older women on the bench from the world of work under the pretext of prejudices that are unacceptable to say the least is unbearable to me. Who agrees to hear people say: “Senior women, you are expensive”; “You are no longer operational”; “You are difficult to manage”; “You cannot stand change”; “You are oversized in relation to the position”; “You will not adapt to new technologies” ….?”

Thanks to the support of the Renault Group Foundation, which has worked for a long time for inclusion through work, WAVE is contributing its stone to the building so that these words are over.
Thus was born the WISE program, an acronym for Women In Senior Employment and meaning wisdom in English. Its objective is to enable women aged 45+ to use their age and therefore their experience, their skills and their qualities as an asset for companies, in particular those in the automotive sector that are partners of WAVE. “The latter are ready to recruit more women to various positions and responsibilities”, announces Elisabeth Young.

WISE: a free program based on benevolence and provided by recognized professionals
“The program is based on a spirit of solidarity and mutual aid. Moreover, all the stakeholders have the ambition to help women restore their self-confidence and know how to assert their assets such as autonomy , the expertise, the ability to step back and the taste for transmission”, says Elisabeth Young who adds: “The godmother of this unique program in every way is Christel de Foucault, speaker, author, trainer on job search techniques and influencer on the professional social network LinkedIn. In addition, the women in the program will benefit from the skills ofElena Foures, founder of Idem per Idem, more than 30 years of experience as an executive coach and author of several books including Leadership for women. In addition, they will be surrounded and coached by recognized professionals from the automotive sector who are members of the WAVE association.”

In addition, the WISE program is free for beneficiaries. “The only thing we ask of them is to make a firm commitment to follow the whole program until they take up a position preferably in the automotive sector, to share their experience on social networks and to help the program during the two years following their accompaniment”, announces Elisabeth Young.

WISE: support in 5 modules
The 2022-2023 session will welcome 24 women. Two groups will be formed according to the types of position sought.
You will follow 5 additional modules delivered in a collective and individual mix, face-to-face or remotely, representing more than 100 hours over a maximum period of 12 months:
Coaching : for 6 months with several collective remote sessions, Elena Fourès from Idem-per-Idem will guide you to regain your self-confidence and build your return-to-work strategy.
Mentoring : professionals from the automotive sector will help you step by step over 12 months, individually, to understand the sector and its challenges. They will provide you with support throughout the duration of the program and during the first months of your return to work. Gisèle Szczyglak from WLC will facilitate this module.
CV and visibility : Christel de Foucault will teach you through several group sessions between now and next spring how to effectively present your background, showcase your expertise, build your CV and present yourself on social networks.
Job interviews : during several sessions over 6 months, WAVE’s partner companies will exercise you in real conditions at this anxiety-provoking stage so that you know how to respond with relevance and ease to all types of situation.
counter bubbles : this 12-month module is dedicated to mutual aid and the sharing of experiences between the women in the program. Organized every two months, it is led by Virginia Pre and FLorence Picardco-founders of Bulle2Be.

Access conditions
• You are a woman aged 45+ actively seeking employment,
• You are out of step with the world of work, in a precarious situation, in isolation…

Then WISE is for you!
• No experience in the automotive sector is required
• All levels of diplomas are accepted

How to participate ?
• Simply send your application by email to:
• Admission is made after a 20-minute interview with a member of the WAVE office
Closing of registrations at the beginning of September 2022 and start of the program on September 15, 2022.
“Warning! You have to act quickly because only 24 people will be admitted for this session”, concludes Elisabeth Young.

WAVE – WoMen and Vehicles in Europe is an association law 1901 created under the impetus of several women working in the automotive sector. The association is aimed at all employees of all companies in the Automobile and Mobility sector: manufacturers, importers, equipment manufacturers, distribution and repair networks, service providers. WAVE wishes to contribute to making known and promoting among women the wide variety of professions in the sector.

The Renault Group Foundation is a corporate foundation whose mission is Inclusion through employment. Because Renault Group is an economic player in the regions, it contributes through its Foundation to building inclusion projects with associations to help people who are far from employment.

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