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With Sup de Pub, live the experience of a great school of communication at 360°!

Founded in 1986, Sup de Pub is a major communication school that welcomes thousands of students each year. It implements innovative pedagogies to better prepare its students to integrate the professional world. Do you want to pursue a career in communication in France, but also internationally? Join Sup de Pub!

Why integrate Sup de Pub?

An internationally oriented school

Part of the OMNES Education Group (formerly INSEEC) since 1994, Sup de Pub can count on an extensive network of partner universities, in France and around the world. Students thus have the opportunity to do part of their studies and internships abroad. They can also apply for an Erasmus+ grant from their third year of study.

Do you want to benefit from an international experience as part of your studies to work in the field of art, luxury, digital or fashion? Sup de Pub is a partner of 46 establishments, including 24 abroad (Australia, Spain, Canada, etc.) and 22 in Europe!

A pedagogy based on immersion and innovation

Sup de Pub is constantly working on the development of an immersive pedagogy developed with pioneering companies and brands in the communication market. Actors from the economic, social or political world come from elsewhere, every year, to give lectures to the students.

The school’s pedagogy combines theoretical learning and professional situations. Once they have passed their baccalaureate, first-year students can benefit from personalized modules that are in tune with current events and professional reality. They carry out practical exercises ranging from the design of a communication campaign to its dissemination. Thanks to internships and training (initial or work-study), students enter the labor market, armed with genuine professional experience. They also manage to perceive the challenges that await them.

Priority to professional integration!

Gathering meetings open to the labor market

By joining Sup de Pub, students are encouraged to participate in competitions such as the 72 creative hours at Facebook, organized in 2019. The third edition of the Sprint for a cause event brought together young talents around a mission: create a communication campaign to help the homeless.

The school also organizes seminars allowing students to work on concrete cases and offer creative briefs to very real clients such as the French company Pari Mutuel Urbain (PMU)

Conferences, master classes and round tables are also a vector of link and exchange between students and professionals. For example, the 2019 Master class took place at the Théâtre des Variétés in Paris. For five days, it brought together recognized professionals from the communication sector, industry leaders and fast-growing innovative brands. Big names in marketing and the media, influential bloggers, entrepreneurs, but also figures from the arts and sports world were present to share their experience with the students.

An establishment that supports the launch of projects and entrepreneurship

Sup de Pub has decided to boost entrepreneurship among young people with La Fabrik, its project incubator. This space for co-creation and innovation helps students develop a project close to their hearts, whatever their level of studies. It is supported by all the schools of the OMNES Education group (formerly INSEEC). La Fabrik is also a place of sharing which gives students the opportunity to help each other and boost their skills.

Several projects have thus emerged, including the design of a podcast for teenagers and the creation of an artificial intelligence (AI) system that regulates traffic flows in urban areas using slogans installed on traffic lights.

Want to know more ? The students of the Sup de Pub school are there to guide you!

Whether they are in their first or last year of study at Sup de Pub, the students are unbeatable on their subjects, their training path and their favorite fields. They are at the disposal of newcomers, graduates or in pursuit of studies!

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