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WHV Canada: what is the Working Holiday Program?

PVT in Canada: principle

The PVT Canada is a “Working Holiday Program” that allows young people aged 18 to 30 or 35 from all over the world to go live, travel and work in Canada for a year. This program is reserved for young travelers who have never followed a working holiday program in Canada before. The PVT Canada provides access to a working holiday visa valid for one year and allowing participants to travel and work freely in Canada for a maximum period of one year, non-renewable.

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Who is concerned by the PVT Canada?

The PVT Canada concerns all young people aged 18 to 30, and even up to 35 for French nationals. The age taken into account is that on the date of the draw for your file. All young people from a country signatory to the program are concerned by the PVT Canada, but the country imposes a quota of participants, the number of which differs according to the country of origin. In addition, people who have already benefited from a PVT in Canada cannot renew their request or make a second request. The program can therefore only be carried out once, for a maximum duration of one year.

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Conditions of eligibility

Obtaining a PVT in Canada is done under a number of conditions. In addition to being between the ages of 18 and 30 or 35, candidates must also be able to present a valid passport from one of the signatory countries of the PVT agreement. They must also be able to justify at least CA$2,500 in their bank account to support themselves at the start of their stay. In addition, taking out health, repatriation and hospitalization insurance is now compulsory and proof must be presented at the time of registration. A participation fee of CA$341 is payable after completing the form.


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How to get a PVT Canada?

When a candidate fulfills all the eligibility conditions for PVT Canada, he can apply directly online, on the Canadian government website. The site offers candidates to submit their application for free. If accepted, an invitation to apply for PVT Canada is sent by email. Candidates have a period of 20 days from the acceptance of the invitation to finalize their application, complete their file and pay the participation fees. Once the file has been submitted, it is then necessary to go to a Canada visa application center for identity verification and fingerprinting. The response is then sent by email within one to eight weeks.


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Like most PVT countries, Canada imposes quotas based on different countries of origin. This quota makes it possible to delimit a maximum annual number of participants in the PVT Canada. This number is fixed each year. It amounts to 7,100 places for the French, 750 places for the Belgians and 100 places for the Luxembourgers.

Price for a PVT Canada

After acceptance of PVT Canada’s file, participants are required to pay a participation fee of CA$341. These fees include:

  • CA$100 open work permit fee,
  • 156 $ CAD for participation fees for the IEC (International Experience Canada),
  • CA$85 biometric data collection fee.

For participants with an Internship coop permit, for VIE (International Volunteering in Business) and for young professionals, the CA$100 open work permit fee is not payable, which leads to the participation fee at $241 CAD.

In addition, applicants must demonstrate savings of at least CA$2,500 in their bank account.


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Renew your PVT Canada

The PVT Canada does not give the right to a renewable or extendable work permit. It is therefore impossible to apply for a new PVT in Canada, whether in the continuity of your current PVT or a few years later.

However, there are some exceptions: Croats, residents of Saint-Martin and Chileans are allowed to benefit from two PVT in Canada. Similarly, some dual nationals such as Franco-Belgians can apply for PVT as French, and apply for PVT as Belgian.

And the French, British and Australians who only obtained one EIC permit before 2015 can apply for a second PVT in Canada.

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