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What if you decide to become certified Aussie Specialist!

Did you know ? The Aussie Specialist Program is Tourism Australia’s unique training platform for travel agents. It is managed jointly with the tourist offices of the 8 Australian States and Territories.

For his 32e year, the Aussie Specialist Program, voted the world’s leading training program for travel agents with 27,000 of them certified in 80 countries, unveils a new version: a personalized interface, new shorter thematic and interactive training modules, a easy certification at your own pace in 90 minutes, a system of points and badges to promote your expertise (Explorer, Adventurer, Luxury Expert, etc.), discussion groups between experts, a rewards shop, practical sheets, videos products, itinerary suggestions, maps and brochures…

“It is difficult to propose Australia without being trained on the bases to meet customers’ demand. I often tell travel agents who have not yet had the opportunity to discover Australia to highlight their expert certification to reassure their customers…”, says Adil Hmami, head of the Aussie Specialist Program and BtoB training at from Tourism Australia.

Why become an Aussie Specialist?

Become an Aussie Specialist, it is of course to offer and sell the destination Australia with much more ease, but it is above all to improve performance and maximize conversions.

The Aussie Specialist Program is for to all salespeople in direct contact with customers of travel agencies (independent, networks, online, at home, etc.), tour operators and receptives (mostly based in Australia).

To be certified Aussie Specialist in 90 minutes, simply register online at and complete the first “Presentation of Australia” course at your own pace, consisting of 5 micro-modules.

What are the benefits of a Certified Aussie Specialist?

  • Access to new thematic modules and webinars
  • Promotion of the certification to customers (diploma issued by Tourism Australia)
  • Aussie Specialist badge to use in signature, site, business cards, agency window sticker, etc.
  • Access to resources and sales tools (practical sheets, itinerary suggestions, videos, etc.)
  • Special offers for personal trips to Australia
  • Order brochures/posters/cards online
  • Reward Shop: Redeem points for items (bags, totebags, Aesop products, etc.)
  • Invitation to exclusive events in your city
  • Reception of the monthly newsletter with news, events, products, etc.
  • Incentives throughout the year with prizes to be won
  • Participation in educational tours in Australia

The floor of Adil Hmami

Responsible for the Aussie Specialist Program and BtoB training at Tourism Australia

“Personally, I was recruited by Tourism Australia to meet travel agents throughout France and I am 100% dedicated to training tourism professionals in Australia. In addition to the Aussie Specialist program for which I am responsible, I also support our tour operator partners, travel agency networks or airlines to promote the destination and help them sell it better.

We have also accompanied no less than 70 certified Aussie Specialist travel agents on educational tours to Australia for 4 years (before Covid-19) and trained nearly 800 French travel agents per year during professional events, roadshows, webinars, sales calls in agencies… A need for training which can be explained by the number of visitors growing for several years and a record of 143,700 French arrivals in Australia in 2019.”

Travel agents testify

Patrice Legru / Périer Voyages in Honfleur: “The Aussie Specialist Program is a very powerful sales tool for me. The themed modules are interesting as they perfectly complement the general Australian state modules by offering different experiences to enjoy according to the wishes of the customers.

Route suggestions and driving times also provide useful information for planning individual tours. I particularly appreciated the training sessions of the “Encounters on Australian soil”: favorites and good addresses of the speakers and the Aussie Specialist travel agents who went there… Information that I share with my clients. »

Florian Lanfernini / World Travelers in Paris: “The Australians are with us on the other side of the world and still allow us to travel through the various modules and webinars they offer us with this magnificent site. Do not hesitate to take a look at the program and complete the thematic modules… a super pleasant and very well designed tool! »

Virginie Brasset / Salaün Holidays in Toulouse: “A program with very rich and tailor-made content. I completed all the modules and I regularly participate in virtual training… It’s worth it! I had the opportunity to visit Australia during a mega Aussie Specialist eductour. An unforgettable stay perfectly organized. I was also lucky to win beautiful Bose speakers during an incentive organized again on this program.

While waiting to be able to leave again, the webinars hosted by Tourism Australia and its partners are helping me to keep in touch with this magnificent destination. Kudos to the ever-dynamic Aussie Specialist team! »

Arthur Arakeloff / Success Trip to Paris: ” Which program ! A real added value for the travel agents which makes the difference in front of the customers… I completed a few modules including that of the “Luxury Lodges of Australia” which corresponds perfectly to my target. Register and complete as many modules as possible without hesitation. I had the opportunity to discover Australia through this program…

I would like to thank Tourism Australia and its partners for this fascinating and very enriching educational tour from a professional point of view. Thanks to this educational tour, our agency will be able to promote and further develop this beautiful destination to our French-speaking customers. »

Tourism Australia

Contact : Adil HMAMI

Aussie Specialist Program and BtoB Training Manager

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