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what documents do we need?

Opening of borders: what documents to go to Australia?
Australia’s borders have remained closed since the upsurge of COVID-19, crippling many travel and tourist activities. But very recently, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced – soon – the forthcoming reopening of the borders.

This means that you will be able to apply for a visa for Australia. To do this, there are some documents to provide and some formalities to complete. This article allows you to know everything about obtaining this visa.

What are the essential documents to obtain a visa for Australia?
Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, Australia has been among the countries that have adopted a zero tolerance policy against the virus. This situation has led to the strict closure of its borders.

Since the vaccination rate is increasing significantly in the country, it will soon be possible to obtain a visa for Australia. You just need to gather the essential documents for this up-to-date visa and you’re done.

Anyone wishing to enter Australian territory must meet certain conditions, including obtaining a visa.

For this you will need:
• have a vaccination pass,
• provide evidence that you are in good physical and mental health, so that you are not a public health risk in Australia,
• be in possession of a valid individual passport, if you have French, Belgian nationality or that of another country of the European Union before applying for a visa for Australia,
• present a clean criminal record….

Whatever the reason for your trip, you are required to respect all the rules of conduct established on Australian territory. Thus, upon arrival in the country, you must comply with the quarantine requirements imposed by Australian customs. Failure to comply with any of this requirement could invalidate your Australian visa.

What are the different types of Australian visas?
To travel to Australia, you will have the choice between several types of visas.

ETA visa (Electronic Travel Authority)
It is a short-term electronic travel authorization (3 months maximum); the most classic indeed. His request is made online with an accredited travel agency. The trip is confirmed digitally and its applicant does not need to have a stamp or any stamp affixed to their passport before travelling. He can therefore use it to take a cruise flight or any other means.

The eVisitor visa
It is a visa for Australia almost similar to ETA in its procedure of obtaining online. The only difference ? The different nationalities are taken into account by each of these two travel authorizations. In this case, your travel agency can guide you in choosing one or the other visa for your trip to Australia.

The Working Holiday Visa (WHV)
Also called working holiday visa, it is a long-term authorization granted to foreign nationals who intend to go to Australia to study and work. It is a visa that will give you the freedom to come and go, both inside and outside the country, without worry, for one year. It can be obtained in the traditional way, by mail or online, with the help of a duly authorized travel agency.

How do I apply for an Australian visa?
The first step to successfully applying for an Australian visa is to find a travel agency capable of supporting you in all your online procedures.

To do this, it is essential for the travel agency:
• to be accredited to issue the visa for Australia,
• to be a reference in the field, with several positive opinions left on its website,
• to have the ability to guide travelers in choosing the visa that corresponds to the type of stay they would like to spend on Australian lands,
• to give satisfaction in record time….

Then, you will only have to fill in the Australian visa application forms which will be made available to you on your agency’s website and wait for your Australian visa application to be validated by email.


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