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Want to study abroad? And if you try the adventure in the city of Quebec?

By The Fab Studentpublished on September 28, 2021

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A city renowned for its safety and its large number of French speakers, Quebec is the ideal place to try a first adventure abroad. Many students from all over the world put their luggage there every year, so why not you?

Follow a recognized course

It is no coincidence that students from all walks of life choose to come and study in Quebec. Known for the quality of its infrastructure, Quebec is the ideal city to follow a course in an optimal way. In addition, the partner structures of Québec Ville Études have the advantage of offering university and professional training recognized by the Quebec Ministry of Higher Education. Pursuing your studies elsewhere in Canada or abroad is therefore entirely possible!

Daily support

In Quebec in general and in Quebec City in particular, the partner establishments of Quebec City Studies support students in all stages of their educational journey. Making the decision to leave the family cocoon and get out of your comfort zone is enough to scare more than one. This is why many systems are in place to help you during each of these stages:

  • choice of your study programme;
  • admission to a partner establishment of Québec Ville Études;
  • obtaining the Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ), study permit or visa;
  • planning a budget and help finding accommodation;
  • integration within the establishment and course follow-up.

The objective is to to welcome you and to plan, with you, all the outlines of your educational path in Québec. You will never be alone and you will always benefit from the support/accompaniment you need to have an unforgettable stay in America! So, reassured?

A little taste of America

Located in northeastern America, Quebec shares its border with Ontario, but also and especially with the states of Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and New York. Beautiful trips in perspective, which will give you the opportunity to come back with memories full of your head.

Who says proximity to North America also says economic crossroads. Quebec has more than 3,000 companies, of which about fifty are specialized in the field information technology. Territory where innovation and scientific research are queens, choosing Quebec also means choosing numerous professional opportunities.

Guaranteed integration

As you know, Quebec is the French-speaking province of Canada and, by extension, of the Americas. With over seven million French speakers, you may be disoriented by North American culture and architecture, but you will have no difficulty in making yourself understood in the educational establishment or in your travels; you can easily undertake an internship in a company as part of your studies or work as part of your international student status. Remember that Quebec City has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Canada.

Going to Quebec is also and above all an opportunity to work on your English, in particular thanks to the coexistence with the English-speaking populations in Quebec and Quebec and its proximity to the provinces with an English-speaking majority in Canada and the United States. With over 80,000 international students listed in the province during the year 2019[1]it is the ideal place to meet people and open up to other cultures.

Enjoy a privileged living environment

Quebec is renowned for being particularly affordable from a financial point of view compared to other major North American cities. Indeed, it is classified as one of the cheapest cities in Canada, according to consumer price index[2].

There are many cultural activities to discover in Quebec. Shows, exhibitions and concerts are all opportunities for you to immerse yourself a little more in Franco-North American culture.

When security rhymes with tranquility

Are your parents having a hard time getting used to the idea of ​​letting you go thousands of miles away? They worry about you being alone in the middle of a city 6,000 kilometers away? Reassure them, Quebec has been elected third safest city in the world according to The CEO Magazine[3]just behind Abu Dhabi and Doha.

Enjoying a privileged setting in complete tranquility is also one of Québec’s major assets. If of course it is still advisable to exercise caution during your stay, the very low crime index of the city is an additional guarantee of insurance in the choice of your destination.

The Call of the Wild

Second most populated province in Canada, the forest nevertheless constitutes half of the territory of Quebec. Biodiversity and ecology are at the heart of the city’s concerns, which makes it a point of honor to protect its fauna and flora as well as possible.

If the winter is particularly rough there, the weather is much the same as in France, which gives you the opportunity to organize treks and hikes, especially in summer. Opting for Quebec City means choosing to study in establishments recognized in Quebec, Canada and elsewhere in the world for the quality of its teaching at the top of technology while having the possibility of escaping in the middle of lakes and wild forests. So, ready to awaken the trapper instinct that lies dormant in you?


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