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Vashish Roopun: “I help Mauritians to emigrate or study in Australia”

Mauritian Vashish Roopun, 24, has been living in Australia since 2018. His company, Future Connect Education and Migration Services, helps Mauritians who want to study or emigrate to this country.

Share with us your school and university background…
I did my primary studies at Sir Veerasamy Ringadoo Government School, in Sodnac, Quatre-Bornes. Then, I continued my secondary studies at the Royal College of Curepipe. Then I did a BBA in finance in Singapore.

In which field do you work ?
I currently live and work in Sydney. I founded Future Connect Education and Migration Services in December 2021. It is a team of professionals who help people in their efforts to study and emigrate to Australia.

What are your parents doing?
My father is Principal Prison Officer. My mother is a beautician and she runs her own business.

Are you married ?
I’m single.

Why did you emigrate to Australia?
I landed in Australia with the main objective of completing my bachelor’s degree. This country has a lot to offer. There is political stability, a transparent regulatory system and sound governance that underpins its economic resilience. Over the past ten years, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth have consistently been ranked among the top ten safest and most livable cities in the world. As far as the climate is concerned, it is exactly like in Mauritius, which makes it easier for Mauritians to adapt. If you are looking for the perfect work-life balance, Australia is an ideal destination.

How long have you been there and in which city?
Since 2018, I live in Sydney.

What do you do as a job?
I am the co-founder and marketing manager of Future Connect Education and Migration Services.

Are you happy there?
Sydney has treated me incredibly well so far. It is very similar to Mauritius, in terms of climate and cultural diversity. People are very relaxed, which facilitates adaptation and development. The past few years have been a learning and enriching experience.

Are there opportunities for foreigners?
Absolutely ! Australia is the land of promises. The unemployment rate is at its lowest level since August 2008, around 4.0%. It has never been easier for Australian citizens, immigrants and international students to find a job in their chosen field with a very generous salary, thanks to the pandemic of sorts. The quality of study in Australia is renowned. So, whether it is for studies or to emigrate, there is very little chance that you will be disappointed.

And the job?
Regarding employment, Australia is the country that offers the highest minimum wage: 20.33 Australian dollars, or about Rs 628.80 Mauritians per hour. When comparing the purchasing power of Australia to that of Mauritius, the difference is significant.

Equal pay in Australia really impressed me. The gap between white-collar and blue-collar workers is negligible. In fact, since Australia highly values ​​skilled workers, blue collar workers are paid even better. If you are ambitious, motivated, hardworking, talented like many young Mauritians, Australia is an ideal platform.

Do you plan to return to Mauritius?
It’s a very interesting question. For the past few years I have studied, lived and worked in Singapore, Dubai and Sydney. I like the different professional cultures and the ease of doing business in different countries. I will surely return to Mauritius, but only time will tell when.

What services does Future Connect Education and Migration Services offer?
We are a one stop shop for international students looking to study, work and migrate to Australia. We take care of their admission to colleges, institutes and universities in Australia. We help them in their efforts to obtain their visa and their permanent residence permit in Australia. We support them in their job search. When I landed in Australia, it took me three months to find a part-time job. And this is the case for most international students, new to the country. Future Connect Education and Migration Services supports the Mauritian who dreams of emigrating to Australia.

How can Mauritians looking to study or migrate to Australia reach Future Connect Education and Migration Services?
Here’s how to contact us:
whatsapp: +61481151733
Facebook: Future Connect Education and Migration Services


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