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Use. Companies facing recruitment tensions in the south of Yvelines

Thomas Gourlan, Regional Councilor and President of Rambouillet Territory spoke to business leaders, HRD and staff in the employment sector at La Lanterne (Yvelines) this Wednesday, June 22, 2022.

Of the trades shunned by the jobseekersmany unfilled offers and one lack of training. This is the observation made in the south of Yvelines over there Ile-de-France region and four inter-municipalities (Rambouillet Territoires, Pays houdanais, Cœur d’Yvelines and Haute Vallée de Chevreuse) as part of the labor pool from south west of Ile-de-Francecreated in 2018.

Before an assembly consisting of CEOs, HRD or job search actors (Pole emploi, local mission), Thomas Gourlanin his capacity as Regional Councilor and Florence Guilbert, sub-prefect of Rambouillet discussed employment. It should be noted that the Ile-de-France Region, the richest in Europe, allocates a budget of 1 billion euros to employment (training, hiring).

What place for work in his life?

It is undeniable, the health crisis reshuffled the cards. Many employees have chosen to give priority to their personal life. Recruiters have noticed this for several months. This is particularly the case in the restoration or even in the transport.

Top 10 shortage occupations

According to the Departmental Directorate of Employment, Labor and Solidarity (DDETS 78) here is a list of the sectors which observe a strong tension in terms of recruitment. It should however be noted that this list is substantially similar to that established at the national level.

– Nursing assistants: 200 jobs, difficulty in recruiting at 80%
– Salaried farmers: 190 positions, difficulty in recruiting at 68%
– Cashiers, general-purpose catering employees, home helpers: in each of these 3 sectors, 180 positions are to be filled. Recruitment difficulties are around 50%. The rate reaches 94% for home helpers and housekeepers.
– Artists (music, dance, shows): 170 jobs, difficulty in recruiting at 6%
– Truck drivers: 160 positions, 38% difficulty in recruiting
– Drivers of public transport on the road: 150 positions, 87% difficulty in recruitment.
– Building maintenance workers: 150 positions, 33% difficulty in recruiting
– Self-service employees: 130 positions available, difficulty in recruiting estimated at 69%.

Interspersed days, hours of travel to get to work, employees shun them. They prefer several days of telework during the week.

“We have a relatively low level of unemployment in Yvelines. Paradoxically, we have never had such strong tensions on recruitment”, remarks Florence Ghilbert. In 2018, the south-west Ile-de-France employment pool had 179,641 people, including 8,981 looking for work.

Entrepreneurs from the South of Yvelines gathered in Rambouillet this Wednesday, June 22, 2022 to address the tensions related to recruitment.
Entrepreneurs from the South of Yvelines gathered in Rambouillet this Wednesday, June 22, 2022 to address the tensions related to recruitment. (©78news)

For the sub-prefect, several factors are at play: “mismatch between supply and demand, the need for training is crucial”. In addition, “we must work on the attractiveness of professions and also on working conditions”.

To help entrepreneurs grasp the different subsidies available, in particular for recruiting and training internally, Rambouillet Territoire offers its assistance in putting together files.

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Train the employees of tomorrow

Some professions are not appealing. Prejudices or depreciation act as obstacles to recruitment. “But learning is a hope”, observes Florence Ghilbert who sees in it a revaluation of the manual work. In 2021, we reached the number of 718,000 apprentices. »

Yet the a priori are tenacious. This is particularly the case among line conductors in industry, sector under great tension. Dominique Pinchera argues: “We have this training internally and we cannot recruit”. The headmaster of bascan high school de Rambouillet is convinced of this, mentalities must be shaken up.

Still too often perceived as a student’s sidetrack, the professional path is nevertheless a provider of jobs and a remuneration interesting.

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