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USA, Canada or Australia: which are the 10 best schools in the world in 2022?

THE Impact Ranking is the annual study ranking the best universities in the world, according to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations. presents the top 10 for 2022.

THE Impact Ranking 2022 evaluates 1406 establishments from 106 countries, including 22 French schools. This is based on the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) adopted in 2015 by the 193 Member States of the United Nations (resource management, gender equality, reducing inequalities, renewable energy policy, paper and water, respect for wildlife/environment, etc. Sustainable development is a long-term concept. This integrates ecological and social constraints into the economy.

Venn diagram of sustainable development, at the intersection of three concerns, say “the three pillars of sustainable development”.

This ranking highlights the establishments that are mobilizing to respond to them, both by applying the objectives of the United Nations in the management of their establishment, but also in terms of research and teaching to train students in these issues. .

Australia, Western Sydney University: the best university in the world in 2022

Western Sydney University, located in Sydney’s Greater Western region, tops the rankings with a total of 99.1 points. Divided into 13 schools, its variety of courses, its renewable energy policy, its eco-responsible side as well as its particular attention to gender equality within establishments allow it to best meet the 17 SDGs.

The campus is also home to over 90 student clubs as well as a range of facilities such as art galleries, the Penrith Observatory, and the Campbelltown Rotating Observatory.

United States, Arizona State University: students from 158 different countries

United States, Arizona State University: students from 158 different countries

Not only does Arizona State University take second place in THE Impact Ranking 2022 with 98.5 points, but they are also number 1 in the category “most innovative school” in the United States, according to US News & World Report.

His interest in research for environmental protection, his development of water and clean energy solutions and his promotion of gender equality remain his strong points according to the ranking. It thus attracts schoolchildren from more than 158 countries.

Canada, Western University: research focused on sustainable agriculture

Canada, Western University: research focused on sustainable agriculture

Western University takes last place on the podium (97.8 points) thanks to its research geared towards the fight against all forms of poverty or malnutrition, but also thanks to its innovations for more sustainable agriculture. . This university also aims to give each of its students “the western experience”. Its 12 faculties and three affiliated university colleges offer more than 36,000 students a choice of 400 study programs.

Saudi Arabia and Malaysia tied

Saudi Arabia and Malaysia tied

King Abdulaziz University (KAU), created in 1967 in Saudi Arabia, comes tied with Sains University Malaysia (USM). Their score: 97.5 points. KAU focuses primarily on promoting its fight against inequality. Its research focuses on industry and innovation. USM, on the other hand, is more oriented towards energy-related research, with a commitment to promoting energy efficiency. 22% of students come from abroad in the Saudi university, against 15% in Malaysia.

New Zealand, University of Auckland: fighting malnutrition

New Zealand, University of Auckland: fighting malnutrition

With 44,000 students from over 120 countries, the University of Auckland offers an impressive range of study options: over 150 undergraduate subjects and 130 postgraduate programmes. It also has the highest concentration of senior researchers in New Zealand.

His teaching on food sustainability, his commitment to fight against food waste or malnutrition allow him in part to obtain 6th place (96.7 points) in the THE Impact Ranking 2022.

Canada, Queen's University: second Canadian school in the top 10

Canada, Queen’s University: second Canadian school in the top 10

Queen’s University, located in Canada, closely follows the University of Auckland with its total of 96.6 points. Welcoming and supporting students and faculty from all walks of life, it strives to embrace diversity of ideas and perspectives.

It owes its reputation to the many areas in which it excels. These include advanced physics, cancer research, geo-engineering, data analysis, monitoring studies, social science research and mental health. Research that the 2015 Nobel Prize winner Arthur B. McDonald pointed to is well documented.

Great Britain, Newcastle's University: an international reach

Great Britain, Newcastle’s University: an international reach

Newcastle University takes 8th place in this ranking! Nestled in the heart of North East England, the university has over 200 undergraduate degrees and 300 postgraduate degrees to choose from, with a range of award-winning departments. It also has several campuses, not only in Newcastle, but also in London, Singapore and Malaysia.

Newcastle University has an international reach and global employer links. The Malaysia-based campus offers undergraduate medical and biomedical education in the UK. In parallel, the Singapore-based campus offers engineering degrees in collaboration with the Singapore Institute of Technology and Ngee Ann and Nanyang Polytechnics. This penchant for innovation and industry as well as his research for more responsible consumption bring him a total of 96.5 points.

Great Britain, The University of Manchester: research for more responsible consumption

Great Britain, The University of Manchester: research for more responsible consumption

The University of Manchester finds itself in 9th place in this top 10, with a score of 96.4 points. It was the first UK university to make social responsibility a core objective. This university is also part of the prestigious Russell Group. It is a network of twenty-four of the UK’s leading research-focused universities, with a worldwide reputation for the highest standard of research and teaching.

Pioneering discoveries were made there such as with Freddie Williams and Alan Turing on the modern computer – the first stored program was run in Manchester.

The university stands out from this ranking for its research aimed at responsible consumption as well as for its education and support for aquatic ecosystems.

Japan, Hokkaido University: 34 faculties united within a university

Japan, Hokkaido University: 34 faculties united within a university

Hokkaido University, located in Japan, is one of the world leaders in various subjects (social, natural or human sciences). In 2015, Reuters included the organization in the top 100 of the most innovative universities in the world.

It also has a reputation for welcoming international students from over 85 countries. The objective: to combine best practices and stimulate cultural exchanges. It has a total of 34 faculties, including law, medicine, economics and business administration. His research aimed at combating malnutrition as well as on life and Earth sciences enabled him to reach 10th place in this international ranking, with 96.3 points.

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