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Twitter blocks Socialist Equality Party (Australia) account for video defending Dr David Berger, Julian Assange and free speech

In a significant act of political censorship, Twitter blocked the account of the Socialist Equality Party (Australia) on Thursday, rendering it unable to post content, reply to messages or post. Indeed, such blocking deactivates an account.

The lockdown was imposed on Thursday morning Australian time. A notification sent to the SEP’s account said he had violated unspecified rules and was locked for 12 hours. The message contained a link to Twitter’s general guidelines for users. There was no way to appeal the decision.

Simultaneously, a video previously posted on the SEP account was hidden by the Twitter administration. At the location of the video, a statement from Twitter read, “This tweet violated the Twitter rules.”

The video in question is 59 seconds long and draws attention to official attacks on four people who have been singled out for their free speech activities. The video was shared as part of the SEP’s campaign in defense of Dr David Berger, an Australian GP who was targeted for opposing the official ‘laissez-faire’ program of mass infection by the COVID.

The video can be viewed on the SEP’s Instagram and Facebook accounts. It can also be viewed below.

The video censored by Twitter, which is still available on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

After the 12-hour ban passed on Thursday evening Australian time, the SEP account remained locked. A post from Twitter’s administrators said the sanction was imposed for “violating our rules against posting or sharing intimate media produced/distributed privately by anyone without their express consent.”

In order for the account to be unblocked, the message states that the SEP “must delete” the video. The SEP administrators filed an appeal against this decree, which had not received a response at the time of publication. The SEP’s Twitter account remains locked.

The reasons given to justify the censorship are absurd and bizarre.

None of the visual content in the video is “intimate”. All elements are in the public domain, with common license terms, or have been provided directly to the World Socialist Web Site and published there previously.

Three of the four people mentioned and depicted in the video collaborated with the World Socialist Web Site, in particular by providing their images. The fourth, Wikileaks publisher Julian Assange, is currently incarcerated in the maximum security prison in Belmarsh, Britain, without regular internet access.

In other words, it is obvious that if the content of the video was the subject of a complaint, it was not made by one of the people featured. The allegation of “intimate” content is patently false. Of note, the block was imposed minutes after the video was posted on Thursday morning, indicating the possibility of a quickly coordinated campaign to remove the content.


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