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Traveling to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa

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Going to the other side of the world for a year to travel while working: it’s possible with a Working Holiday Visa!

Since December 15, 2021, this great opportunity is available again in Australia. The opportunity for everyone to see far, broaden their horizons and reconnect with this exhilarating feeling of freedom in contact with a new culture. In short, the trip of a lifetime!

A gap year-adventure

It is a trip to the excess of an island-continent. With an area 14 times larger than that of France, Australia is the road trip land par excellence. Desert outback, beaches fringed with palm trees, vineyard valleys as far as the eye can see, steep and rough coasts, humid and luxuriant forests…

This territory at the end of the world is an amazing and formative playground for multiplying life experiences. Appreciate the simple happiness of the road, go beyond your own limits, develop new skills, explore unknown landscapes… Traveling with a Working Holiday Visa (PVT) allows you to discover this gigantic region at your own pace.

A program accessible to all

And good news: the PVT is the least elitist program there is! The conditions for applying for a 12-month Working Holiday Visa? have between 18 and 35 years oldhave a french passport (or many others) valid. It is also necessary to have validated his health pass. There you have it, the holy grail for you to be able to explore the country and work during your stay!

No need to have obtained a specific diploma or to work in a specific field: the PVT is for everyone. Become a turtle watcher, surf instructor, bartender or au pair and earn extra money during your trip. Australia offers many easy to find jobs in different professional sectors. Moreover, after two years of closure of the country, and faced with the labor shortage, the government is committed to fully refund the working holiday visa fee for all arriving in Australia before April 19, 2022.

Visit Australia in road trip mode

gVisa in your pocket, all you have to do is choose from the many possible routes in Australia. Over its 913,000 km of roads, the island unfolds its immensities that only a road trip allows you to discover. With the PVT, young backpackers can realize their life dream and collect work experience while making money. Along the south coast on the famous Great Ocean Road, sinking on the tracks of the outback and desert regions between Adelaide and Darwin, escaping into the rainforest of Queensland Adventure and opportunity are everywhere.

Australia - road trip

And every day has its share of surprises and encounters: here koalas dozing in the trees, there kangaroos basking in the sun. A paradise of wild life, Australia has no shortage of assets to delight lovers of fauna and flora. And what a luxury to be able to observe the bursts of nature and remember the smallness of the human being! Swimming with whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia, diving in the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, hiking in the Blue Mountains, relaxing in natural pools in the Northern Territory… There is so much to see and to do in the land of kangaroos!

Transition to urban landscapes

On the city side, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane will undoubtedly be able to reconcile you with the big cities. Vibrant and nonchalant, they exude a peaceful energy conducive to professional opportunities and new friendships. And while the more intrepid will climb the Sydney Bridge, Melbourne revelers will wander around St Kilda Beach. On the way, we stop here and there to work, improve your English and multiply encounters. Without ever failing to plan your next road trip in the country!

Traveling and reinventing yourself in Australia

A gap year in Australia offers countless opportunities. Behind the PVT program lies the promise of an unforgettable human adventure and a real door open to the world. Whether it is to discover new landscapes, add value to your CV and discover a different culture, a trip with a Working-Holiday-Visa to Australia inevitably rhymes with learning and autonomy. So, ready to take the leap?

Australia - PVT trip


What is the age requirement for a Working Holiday Visa in Australia?

The Australian Working Holiday Visa is open to applicants between the ages of 18 and 30. Citizens of France have been eligible up to the age of 35 since 2019. Check the age limits and eligibility requirements on the Australian Government Home Office website.

What are the prerequisites for applying for a Visa Working Holiday ?

To apply for a Working Holiday Visa, you will need to provide identification, as well as supporting financial documentation to show that you have the necessary funds to stay in Australia, usually AUD$5,000. You will need to meet certain health and of morality. All papers must be in English and perfectly legible. For more information, consult the most recent summary lists listing the documents to be provided for the Working Holiday Visa (subcategory 417).

How long the Visa Working Holiday Australian valid?

Your first Working Holiday Visa is valid for 12 months. However, you can extend your visa for a second or third year if you are doing work that is considered specific by the Australian government.

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