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Training in the field of health in Spain to obtain a diploma recognized in France and internationally?

By The Fab Studentpublished on December 23, 2021

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Looking for a prestigious school in Spain to study the health field? The Universidad Europea offers excellent training courses in disciplines ranging from pharmacy to physiotherapy, including psychology.

The diplomas offered in the field of health

Do you want to become a physiotherapist, audioprosthetist or psychologist? The Universidad Europea offers a variety of diplomas to access the job of your dreams.

A diploma 100% in French: study physiotherapy in Spain

The physiotherapy diploma is a high-level course taught entirely in French. For 4 years, the goal is to learn how to diagnose and treat all conditions related to physiotherapy.

The teaching staff, made up of 50% health professionals, relies on numerous resources to enrich the training course: simulated hospital, clinical internships, seminars, experimental classrooms, etc.

Study hearing and hearing aid professions in immersion at a Spanish university

The BTS in audiology and hearing aids on the Madrid campus is a privileged way to access various professions in two years:

– Senior Hearing Aid Technician
– Specialized hearing aid technician
– Audiometrist

In terms of modalities, the training can be followed on a part-time or full-time basis. Taught entirely in Spanish, this BTS is based on state-of-the-art tools to promote immersion through experimentation: laboratory, audiology and electroacoustics room.

Study psychology in Spain taught in Spanish or English

The Faculty of Biomedical and Health Sciences in Madrid also offers training in psychology at Bac +4 level.

Also, since the very essence of psychological support is based on human interactions, the school offers students the opportunity to work on clinical cases in a simulated hospital.

The health training, given in English and Spanish, is also an excellent springboard for practicing abroad.

Study health in Madrid

Going towards the health paths of the Universidad de Madrid means choosing an educational system based on experience and professionalization.

Do health studies in Spain based on experience

If you want to study health in Spain, the Faculty of Madrid offers many courses of excellence: pharmacy, physiotherapy, psychology, study of hearing…

Thanks to an avant-garde pedagogical system based on experimentation, the theoretical knowledge of the students is constantly put into perspective through practical exercises.

To promote this experimental learning, the Universidad Europea has built an ambitious system of partnerships to allow students to carry out internships in Spain and abroad.

Health studies through pharmacist training

Among the many courses offered in the field of health, the pharmacy degree from the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences in Madrid gives you the keys to your professional future.

With a rate of 80% of students becoming pharmacists just 3 months after the end of their course, the diploma allows them to practice in many areas of health, such as:

– research and development
– quality control
– pharmaceutical management
– cares

Build a professional network abroad thanks to teachers from 50 countries

The Universidad Europea immerses all of its students in a strong international dimension. Indeed, in addition to the incentives to carry out internships around the world, the courses are given by 1,100 teachers from more than 50 countries.

Rigorously selected by the University and evaluated each year by the students, the professors are considered leaders in their field.

Also, to let the potential of each student express itself, the courses are voluntarily given in a select committee: 1 teacher for 23 students. A total of 5 programs are taught in foreign languages ​​(English and French).

Infrastructure dedicated to health training

In addition to the excellence of the theoretical teaching provided by the Universidad Europea, you benefit from learning spaces built around the latest technological developments.

Study psychology in Spain in a dedicated experimentation center (CAP)

To reinforce their knowledge, psychology students at the Faculty of Madrid have access to the Psychosocial Assistance Center (CAP). This space, in addition to highlighting the theoretical knowledge learned, is a place of experimentation aimed at deepening the skills of each student.

Supervised by qualified psychologists, students can participate in psychological interventions, mediation actions and research projects led by teacher-researchers.

Professional training in Spain to become a physiotherapist

Learning physiotherapy is inseparable from practice. To relieve the musculoskeletal disorders of patients, students must be able to perform the appropriate gestures in all circumstances.

With this in mind, the Campus of Sciences and Sport in Madrid offers its students more than 700 hours of practical simulation from the first year. From the second year, a clinical practical training of 1,200 hours is provided to strengthen the professional skills of the students.

Study hearing in Spain thanks to a laboratory equipped with the latest manufacturing and machining techniques

To study the professions of hearing, the bac +2 course in Audiology and hearing aids benefits from a partnership with the European Professional Center.

The goal? Provide students with dedicated experimentation spaces to strengthen their skills. Among these places are:

– a laboratory that hosts the latest generation technologies for designing the molds needed to manufacture hearing aids
– an audiology room equipped with all the essential equipment to analyze the hearing health of patients: audiometers, otoscopes, impedance meters, etc.

Studying health in Spain is an ambitious project. Going to a school as recognized as the Universidad Europea allows you to benefit from certain guarantees: international openness, professionalism, excellence… Enough to take flight with serenity!

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