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TOEFL Test: Parts Of The Test, Test Duration, And All Costs

The TOEFL test is a test of English as a second language for foreign students wishing to study abroad in countries where English is an official language, such as America, Europe, Australia, and other countries that adopt English as a language of study in most of their universities.

The TOEFL test is also used to measure the degree of English language proficiency. It is used by more than 2,400 universities in America and more than 7,500 universities around the world. This exam is formulated and written by the American Educational Testing Service (ETS).

TOEFL test:

It is recognized by more than 130 countries around the world, and it is accepted in most universities in the world that rely on English as the primary language of study. The results of this test can be used to enroll in a scholarship, apply to a university abroad to study an English language course or even to emigrate.

Types of TOEFL test:

The TOEFL test consists of two types, which are as follows:

  • Paper-based test (PBT).
  • Electronic Exam (IBT).

Parts of the TOEFL test:

The duration of the full exam test is a maximum of 4 hours and they are divided into four parts of the exam as we will present later.

The exam scores are between 0-120 and each part of the exam has a certain number of grades.

The TOEFL test consists of 4 parts and they do not differ much between the paper-based test and the electronic test, and they are as follows:

1- Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary:

The duration of this part is between 60 – 80 minutes.

In this part, you will read a few paragraphs from different articles, and it is not difficult, it is like what is taught at the university level. The answers are in the form of multiple choice. These questions are also designed to assess your reading comprehension.

2- Listening Comprehension:

The duration of this part is between 60 – 90 minutes.

In this part of the test, you will listen to some conversations, most of which are about university life such as a conversation between a student and a teacher or a lecture in a particular field of study. The questions are multiple-choice and you are asked for details, suggestions, and language words.

3- talking:

The duration of this part is 20 minutes.

In this part of the test you speak into a microphone that records what you say, then the examinee listens to you and rates your answers and scores on that basis. You will find two questions about some personal matters, and in two other questions, you have to focus your information from the text or conversation while presenting your opinions. You will also find other questions that ask you to summarize information in the form of a short conversation.

4- Essay Writing:

The duration of this part is 50 minutes.

You will eventually be asked to write two short essays. In the paper test, you will be given important topics to write about, and in the electronic test, you will be given material from a text or lecture that you will need to analyze and write a discussion article about.

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Where to take the TOEFL test:

There are exam halls for performing the TOEFL test, which is accredited by the American Educational Testing Service. This test cannot be performed at a location other than this organization. The American Prometric Company also examines and approves these halls for the purposes of various examinations.

Many non-TOEFL exams are held in these halls such as the GRE, MCAT, and other exams organized by the US Educational Testing Service.

There are more than 500 centers to perform this test in America, and it can also be taken in more than 4,500 other places around the world.

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TOEFL test costs:

The costs of the test differ from one country to another, and it also depends mainly on the income of the citizen in that country. The price of the test is between 160 – 250 dollars. However, some additional costs may be added for additional services. These costs are as follows:

  • $35 late registration fee when registration is within the last 3 working days before the exam.
  • $60 for changing the exam date.
  • $20 for a request to study the approval of the TOEFL score, which has been canceled.
  • $19 for an additional transcript request to be sent to a university.
  • $80 to re-correct the written section.
  • $160 to re-correct both the written and oral sections.
  • $20 personal check return fee.

To find out more details about the TOEFL test, visit the official website of the institution providing the test (ETS).


The TOEFL test is among the most important internationally accepted tests, anyone can need it when applying to study abroad, or study a specific course in English, and it is approved mainly in American and Canadian universities, and is also accredited in thousands of other institutions around the world.

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