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To enroll your child in this Australian school, you must “denounce homosexuality”

To study at Citipointe Christian College in Brisbane, in northeastern Australia, an institution linked to the Pentecostal Protestant Church of the same name, one must adhere to the Christian values ​​at the heart of education. But not only. Friday, January 28, parents of future students claimed to have received a strange contract for the registration of their children. In this document of 16 pages, one can find a profession of faith, to which the parents of the applicants must subscribe, which recommends the heterosexual marital framework in order to have carnal relations. ” We believe that God intends sexual intimacy to only occur between a man and a woman who are married to each other. “, can we read there.

The text goes further and places homosexuality in the category of “vices and reprehensible acts”. We read in particular in an excerpt shared on Twitter by comedian from Brisbane Christian Hull, that “ any form of sexual immorality (including but not limited to adultery, fornication, homosexual acts, bisexual acts, bestiality, incest, pedophilia and pornography) is a sin and a insults God and is destructive to human relationships and society “.


As soon as they received this long contract, parents worried about its obligatory nature. A petition has been started by Bethany Lau, a wellness coach who works in Brisbane and was a student at Citipoint Christian College, for the contract to be withdrawn. Monday, January 31, in the middle of the day, the text had already collected 70,000 signatures. The initiator entrusted the Courier Mail that she hoped to see the contract modified by the school ” because he is inhuman ».

The principal, Pastor Brian Mulheran, tried to defend his school when the controversy began to swell this weekend. He denied judging prospective students on their sexuality. ” We wouldn’t make a decision on whether to enroll them in college just on that basis. “, he added. The use of this term merely suggests, however, that sexual orientation can still weigh in the balance at the time of admission. ” We have always held these Christian beliefs. We have tried to be fair and transparent to all members of our community by clearly specifying them in the registration agreement “, further supports the director.


Citipointe Pentecostal Church was founded by Rev. Clark Taylor in 1974 in Brisbane, Queensland. It has approximately 5,000 members and 150 employees in this city. Multiple branches exist elsewhere in the state, including six college campuses. The church has also been exported to the United States, where it has two other campuses, but also to New Zealand.

The Citipointe Church has also developed several activities. Since 2004, she has produced her own music albums, thanks to her prayer group, Citipointe Worship. Another church-related group is the Red Frogs charity, founded in 1997 by Andy Gourley, the fourth pastor of Citipointe Church. Its 3,649 volunteers intend to support young people confronted with drug and alcohol problems, by intervening in schools and music festivals, in order also to nourish the religious spirit among this segment of the population.

Against the ban on conversion therapy

Citipointe Church is owned by the Association of Christian Schools, which includes 38 denominational schools. The Association is known for opposing the ban on conversion therapy for LGBT people, which came into force in August 2020 in Queensland. It is the first Australian state to criminalize these practices. Those who indulge in it risk 18 months in prison. ” The Queensland Government must ensure that Christian schools can continue to teach traditional biblical sexual ethics and a biologically and medically accurate view of sexuality “, had then retorted the Association of Christian schools, quoted by The Guardian, in January 2020.

The Association nevertheless managed to impose an amendment in the text of the law. This reminds us that themere expression of a principle or religious belief does not constitute a practice of conversion of sexuality or gender identity »under the Human Rights Act, passed in 2004 in Australia.

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