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This Is The Correct Way To Apply For The Us Dv Lottery 2022

The Us Dv lottery 2022… Perhaps there are many people who find it difficult to register themselves in the lottery for random immigration to America.

This is due to their inability to speak the English language, or because of their fear of making a mistake that may have negative consequences on the candidate’s fortunes.

The strange thing is that some of these people turn to other people to register them in return for a sum of money.

This is also dangerous, because this person may be one of those who are only interested in collecting money, and in return, he does not perform a good service and may record false information that affects the participation request for these people.

Therefore, in order to avoid all these fears, we will provide you with a detailed article on how to register in the American lottery 2022 in a simple way.

And every step we will take will be translated into Arabic so that everyone understands the information he must provide.

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How to register for the Us Dv lottery 2022:

As a first step, you must enter the official website to register for the America 2022 lottery:


When you enter, you will be presented with a page to welcome you to the American lottery website, but what matters to you is this box in green that says Begin Entry.

You must click on Begin Entry to go to this page, which will ask you to enter a code that they will give you, so that they make sure that you are not a robot program.

When entering the code, you must press Submit to confirm the operation.

And then you enter the registration page where you must give all your personal information, as we will know it.

1. Enter the name:

You must enter your family name first, then your personal name second, and if you have a second name, such as the name “Mohammed Amin, or Shams Al-Duha”, it can be added in the third box designated for Middle Name.

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If your name is normal, i.e. without a second name, then fill in the sign No Middle Name.

2. Choose the gender:

Introduce yourself are you a man or a woman.

3. Write the date of birth:

Record your date of birth, but be careful, Americans start with the month, then the day, and then the year.

The opposite of the French method, which begins with the day, month, and then year.

Therefore, attention should be paid to this matter so that a person does not present the month of his birth instead of his birthday or vice versa because this is considered false information that may cause some obstacles if the person’s name is chosen in the lottery.

4_ Putting the place of increase (the city):

You have to put the name of the city in which you grew up, and if you do not know that, you should put a checkmark in Birth City Unknown.

5. The country in which I grew up:

You should also mention the country or country in which you grew up.

6. Are you in a country that is allowed to participate in the American lottery:

This field is intended for those who live in countries that are not allowed to participate in the lottery and belong to another country whose citizens are allowed to register in the lottery.

The important thing is not to deceive yourselves in these matters, because all Arab countries are allowed to register.

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So don’t click on anything and go straight to the next step.

7. Enter the image according to the required criteria:

This is the important stage, which may be the reason for not accepting many people.

As the image requires criteria that must be respected, so we advise you to re-read this article. 20 information is sufficient to take the correct image to run for the American lottery.

A photo verification site is required for the Green Card 2021 registration process.

8. Enter the postal address:

  • In care or under sponsorship: meaning if your residence address is under the auspices of an institution or shelter. This field is optional and can be skipped without writing anything on it.
  • Address, for example, the house number, the street, the name of the residential neighborhood…
  • If the address is long, it can be completed in this field.
  • Here you must mention the name of your city.
  • Mention the state, governorate, or region, and since most Arab countries do not deal with this system, it is sufficient to mention the city.
  • The postal number of each city, and if you are in an area where the postal number does not exist, you can fill in the field No Postal Code / Zip Code.
  • The male country.

9. The country you are currently living in:

If you are an immigrant, you can mention the country in which you currently live.

And this does not have any problem, but if you are in your country, you can rewrite the name of your country again.

10. phone number which is optional:

You can enter your phone number, which is optional, but when writing it, you must pay attention to the identification number that is unique to each country.

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For example, Morocco should write 00212 at the beginning of the number or Algeria 00213….

11. Submit email:

Email is important so it must be typed correctly and then retyped again to ensure it is correct.

This e-mail address, as written in the note, is to be used if you accept to provide you with additional information or any emergency.

12. Academic level:

Also, this stage is very important and important, as one of the conditions for the American lottery 2022 is that the person has studied for 12 years and obtained a certificate to prove this, which is the baccalaureate certificate.

So it is better for the brothers who did not get the baccalaureate not to register in the lottery because even if they are chosen in the lottery, they will not be accepted because they have violated this condition.

Thus, they have missed the opportunity of others because they did not go and did not leave the opportunity for others to go.

As for those who have a baccalaureate degree or above, they can fill in the field that corresponds to their academic level, starting with the third block of the High School degree.

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13. Family status:

  • If the person is single, he must click on the first box.
  • If he is married and his partner is not American, let him press the second box.
  • If he is married and his partner is American or residing in America, let him press the third box.
  • If the person is divorced, let him press the fourth box.
  • If the person is widowed, he must select the fifth box.
  • The sixth digit is not recognized in our societies.

14. Number of children:

If you have children, you must mention their number, and if you do not have children, write the number 0

15. Save:

Click Continue in order for the information to be registered, so you can then get your own code.

It must be kept well and entered on the day the results are announced to make sure whether you have been accepted in the “Us Lottery 2022” or not

This was all the information you will need, dear reader, on how to register for The Us Dv lottery 2022.

We wish good luck to all.

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