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The Fees Of The American Green Card Lottery From A To Z

If you are looking for information about the American lottery fees, all you have to do is follow the article to the end.
The fees of the American green card lottery… There are those who will ask about the cost of traveling to the United States of America, and there are conflicting ideas and opinions about the cost, there are those who say that it is very high and others say that it is low.

American lottery fees from A to Z:

Expenses are multiplied by the multiplicity of stages, i.e. from the beginning to the registration in the American lottery to the stage of boarding the plane if the person is one of the winners.

  • Expenses at the application stage:

From the first day that a person thinks about applying to the American Lottery Program, this stage is free.

All you have to do is fill in your personal information on the private site and wait for the results to be announced.

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The Fees Of The American Green Card Lottery after the winning stage:

After winning the American lottery, here begin the necessary procedures that the winner must take, and we will address the part related to the expenses.

  1. DCS 260 Form Fees:

Filling out the DCS 260 form is the first plan a winner of the American Lottery has to fill out.

Where any winner can fill it out personally and therefore it is also free of charge on a special site for filling out this form.

There is another issue, if the winning person is not familiar with the subject, he can use one of the special offices to fill it.

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Thus, the owner of the office takes a commission on it, and it is originally free.

  1. Documentation expenses:

After announcing the results and going through a set of procedures, the documentation stage comes.

This stage does not require great financial capabilities. It is just ordinary documents, the total cost of which may range around $25 as a maximum.

  1. Medical file expenses:

After the winner receives the second letter, he will make an appointment with the doctor for medical examinations.

The value of the medical examination is about 250 dollars.

  1. Expenses on the day of the interview:

For the interview, the US consulate or embassy assigns an amount to be paid by the winner.

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The amount of the visa is 330 dollars, which is payable directly after entering the US Consulate.

  1. Expenses for performing the duties of the crane card:

After stamping the visa on the passport and obtaining it from the Aramex office.

The winner remains to perform the duties of the green card, which is about $220 via the special site.

It can be performed even after arriving in the United States of America, but it is better that it be performed in your country in order to receive the green card quickly.

  1. Airplane ticket expenses:

After obtaining the visa, the winning person begins to think about travel.

Therefore, he must purchase an airline ticket, but the ticket price varies between each airline.

But the holiday period should be avoided in order to get a cheap airline ticket, and the ticket value often exceeds a maximum of $900

These were the expenses that a person had to have in order to complete the procedures for the American lottery after winning.

The US lottery fees are estimated at a maximum of $1,500.

The traveler to America must also bring with him additional money for rent, food, and other expenses, and each person according to his capabilities.

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