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The essentials to know about the Australia visa: Online procedure

Obtaining an entry visa to Australia is essential for traveling to this country. To obtain it, a request must be submitted to the immigration services.

The essentials to know about the Australia visa

Australia is a country renowned for its cultural, historical and architectural heritage. This attracts tourists who are in search of new discoveries. To travel to such a country, you not only need a passport, but also a visa. The latter turns out to be a sesame very easy to obtain. What should I know about the Australia visa? We will cover more topics in the lines to follow.

Apply for an Australia visa

Are you planning to go to Australia for vacation or for business? If so then it is necessary to apply for a visa for Australia. This is an obligation that concerns all travellers. This implies that children are supposed to have their own passport and visa. When you are Australian or you are a national of New Zealand, no visa will be required.

The validity of the visa is checked at check-in or when boarding the plane. Therefore, you will need to submit the visa application well in advance of departure for Australia. Remember that Australia visas are issued after 5 days.

When it comes to emergency requests, everything is done to ensure that they are granted as soon as possible. Usually they are granted within an hour. However, immigration services prefer visa applications to be made before travel is booked. It reassures you that you can be allowed to tread Australian soil.

What type of Australia visa do I need?

According to the immigration authorities, tourists and business travelers can use the eVisitor visa or the Australia ETA. These are 2 types of visas which are also suitable when you wish to visit friends or family. They are also ideal for individuals wishing to undertake a short-term study or training. In addition, the latter have the same conditions and periods of validity.

Do you have the nationality of one of the countries of the European Union?

If so, then apply for an Australia eVisitor visa. Immigrants :

  • From Iceland,
  • From Monaco
  • From Liechtenstein
  • From Vatican City
  • From Norway
  • From the United Kingdom
  • From Saint Martin
  • From Switzerland, can do the same.

By doing so, you avoid paying expensive application fees. It also saves you the hassle of going through the complex Australian ETA application process.

The eVisitor visa is the type of visa that is most requested by European travelers. They use it both for tourist trips and for business trips.

Are you of Canadian or American nationality?

When you have Canadian or American nationality, you will not be able to request an eVisitor. However, you can still apply for the ETA.

The conditions and periods of validity

It is smart to make sure you meet all the visa requirements before applying for an Australian tourist visa. The conditions to be met are as follows:

  • Not doing volunteer work that could be done by a paid employee
  • Do not sign an employment contract in Australia. You can do this if you have the Working Holiday Visa or Working Holiday Visa (PVT)
  • Do not provide any services to Australian organisations. This is only allowed with a work visa.
  • Do not provide or sell any services or products to the Australian consumer
  • You and none of your family members should be indebted to the Australian Government
  • Do not pose a danger to the health and safety of Australian citizens
  • Be able to justify that you have sufficient financial resources to finance your stay as well as your return trip

How long is the eVisitor visa valid for?

This type of visa remains valid for a dozen months from the day it is granted. However, the validity expires the moment you renew your passport. During the validity period, you are allowed to travel to Australia as many times as you wish. According to Australian law, your stay in the country can only last a maximum of 3 consecutive months and on each visit.

What is the digital Australian visa application process?

The Australia eVisitor visa application process is straightforward. By getting the online application form, you can apply for an Australia visa on your own. Such a document also gives you the right to do this for one or more people at the same time.

Visa fees for Australia are estimated at €14.95 per person. After completing the application form, you can pay the fees using your bank card. This is even possible with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal.

So you don’t have to create an account or go through any other complicated steps. As soon as your visa is granted, you will receive a confirmation notification by SMS and email.

You will then need to download and print it. Some don’t hesitate to save it on their phone or laptop. Whichever way you use, make sure you can show the visa on paper or on screen as soon as you arrive in Australia.

Do you need an urgent visa for Australia?

When you want to apply for a visa for your last minute trip to Australia, submit an urgent application. To achieve this, use the classic application form. Indeed, you can indicate the nature of your request so that it can be processed as soon as possible.

However, a supplement of 17.50 euros per person is required for the request to be processed. In almost all cases, urgent visas are issued within an hour. However, delivery times are never guaranteed. This in some cases causes travel delays of several days. Do not hesitate to apply for your visa in Australia from this moment.


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