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The Australian dream: how to obtain permanent residence?

Australia is a dream country! The favorable climate, the varied landscapes and the beaches as far as the eye can see are all assets that appeal to many French people.

In addition, the standard of living in Australia is quite good, salaries are high and this is how a community of more than 100,000 French people has settled in Australia today. But not everyone can live in Australia forever without the right visa. Overview of the different ways to obtain the permanent resident card in Australia.

Become a permanent resident in Australia by working

The first solution to become a permanent resident in Australia is to obtain a work visa. But not just any work visa, there are around 40 work-related Australian visas and only a few qualify for permanent residency. Here are the visas that can allow you to obtain permanent residence:

The “Skilled Nominated Visa” (Visa 190)

This visa allows you to work and study in Australia permanently. If you are eligible for this visa, you can then apply for Australian citizenship.

To be eligible for this visa, you must:

  • Work in a sector recognized by the government (find the whole list of so-called “qualified” professions HERE)
  • Be ‘invited’ to apply for this visa, i.e. have an Australian employer who is willing to sponsor the visa application
  • Assess your skills

The visa costs at least AUD 4045 and you can request it for yourself, but also for your family members.

The “Business Innovation and Investment Permanent Visa” (Visa 888)

This visa can be requested in the continuity of Visa 188, a work or investor visa. Thus, the 188 visa is a temporary visa that allows you to stay up to 4 years and 3 months in Australia. Following this, you can apply for an 888 Visa to stay permanently.

The permanent visa is from $2,590 and you can include your family members in your application.

If you want to know more about all work visas in Australia, go directly to the Australian immigration website.

Obtain your residence card for family reunification

The second option for staying in Australia permanently is to consider family reunification.

For this, several options are possible: “reunification” for couples, in the context of a union with a permanent resident or if you have a parent or are dependent parents of an Australian citizen.

The partnership visa (820 & 801 visa)

If you are in a relationship with an Australian, you can apply for the Partner Visa. This visa is divided into two parts, first, you must apply for a temporary Partner Visa. Once this has been validated, you will then obtain the Partner Visa Permanent. You can apply for this visa if you are in Australian territory. Be careful though, the steps are long and trying, you will have to provide a lot of proof to validate your visa.

Regarding the price, the visa costs at least 7715 AUD for most candidates.

If you are outside Australia, you can also apply for a partnership visa, these are visa 309 (provisional) and visa 100 (permanent). Once again, you can obtain the permanent visa by having first validated the provisional visa. The price is also the same.

Learn more about onshore 820/801 visas

Learn more about 309/100 offshore visas

Other family visas

There are other family visas, to obtain permanent residence in Australia. Each has its specificities and among them we find the visa “Aged Relative visa”, “Remaining Relative visa” or the “Carer visa”. All these visas require preparation with an immigration agent, we advise you to inquire before applying for one of these visas.

Become a permanent resident for retirement

A final option for becoming a permanent resident in Australia is to come for retirement. Indeed, the Australian government recently created a pathway to permanent residency for eligible retirees. This pathway provides options for long-time residents who have contributed and are well established in the community.

As you will have understood, there are a multitude of visas that allow you to become a permanent resident in Australia. However, the steps can be long and tedious before arriving at permanent residence. In addition, the costs are high and using an immigration agent can be very useful. If you want to know more about the school system in Australia, do not hesitate to consult our dedicated article.

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