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The Ambassador of Taiwan in Haiti intervened during the traditional orientation seminar of AISPAS

Taiwan’s Ambassador to Haiti Wen-Jiann KU spoke at an orientation seminar of the International Academy of Administrative and Strategic Political Sciences (AISPAS)

The International Academy of Administrative and Strategic Political Sciences (AISPAS) is organizing its traditional professional orientation seminar this week for its students as well as young graduates from the area. Important personalities are invited to each session in order to share their experiences and their know-how on the various trades and professions taught within the AISPAS.

This Tuesday, July 19, the participants had the opportunity to exchange with the Ambassador of Taiwan in Haiti Wen-Jiann KU. In office since August 2020, the Ambassador shared his experiences, his vision of diplomacy for about thirty minutes. The Rector of AISPAS Francene Moreau, who introduced the diplomat, expressed his satisfaction at welcoming him to the institution. “We are really happy as an academic institution responsible for training future diplomats of this country to be able to put you in touch with the representative of Taiwan in Haiti,” he said.

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Mr. Moreau took the opportunity to thank the diplomat who, according to him, is very committed to the Haitian people. “Mr. Ambassador, it is an immense privilege to have you and to be able to allow our students to benefit from your experience, your know-how so that they know the path they are embarking on and also to enlighten them on the challenges, the opportunities available to them through such careers,” he said.

In his remarks of circumstances, Ambassador Ku who said he was very happy to take part in this activity addressed various topics including the importance of diplomacy in relations between States, Taiwan and its development, Haitian-Taiwanese relations , the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, among others. For Ambassador Ku, diplomacy is “the conduct of diplomatic negotiations and recognition between people, groups or nations with a view to defining an agreement, for example to resolve a conflict”. Also, he considers the Russian-Ukrainian conflict which has been going on for almost seven months as a failure of diplomacy.

Ambassador Wen-Jiann KU introduced Taiwan as a middle power country with a population of 24 million and an area of ​​36,000 square kilometers. “At the commercial level, we import more than Australia, Russia and Brazil and we export more than Switzerland, Belgium, Spain and India”, indicated Mr. Ku, specifying that his country is the where all areas are the most developed in the Chinese world.

The diplomat also praised his country’s performance in various fields including its economic growth of 6.5% in 2021. In terms of GDP, Taiwan ranks 21st in the world, 14th for purchasing power parity. It is also the 9th largest trading partner of the United States. “As for the gap between rich and poor, Taiwan is ranked 3rd in the world,” he said.

The Ambassador of Taiwan in Haiti intervened during the traditional orientation seminar of AISPAS

Photo: Ody Bien-Eugene | Juno7

Sixty-six years of good Haitian-Taiwanese relations

Regarding the Haitian-Taiwanese relations, the ambassador indicated that he is satisfied even if there are points to improve. During the 66 years of relations between the two nations, there has been developed a “deep friendship marked by active solidarity on the international scene and bilateral cooperation in the spirit of partnership”, Ku said.

In addition to $13 million in aid granted to the Haitian government and civil society in 2021, Taiwan has approximately eight projects under development in Haiti, including one aimed at strengthening the electricity network in Haiti, the construction of the Saint -Pierre in Terrier-Rouge and the high school of excellence in Quartier-Morin.

A satisfied public

The audience, who listened carefully to this intervention, were able to discuss the various subjects addressed by the diplomat. Most said they were happy to take part. “It was really important to participate in this activity. I learned a lot about Haitian-Taiwanese relations today,” said Ricardo Alcin, student in Entrepreneurship and SME Management.

Mr. Alcin, who asserts that diplomacy plays a crucial role in relations between countries, plans to study in this field. “I’m really interested in diplomacy. That’s why I’m doing research. If we take into account that no country can evolve in a vacuum and that it must establish relations with the outside world, we need executives in this area in Haiti,” he declared.

His comrade Anne Gaëlle Célestin, a student in diplomacy, maintains that this experience has been very enriching. “It allowed us to learn a lot of things through a clearer understanding of the relationship between Taiwan and Haiti. I was also able to understand many more things about Taiwan, especially on the military level,” she said, going so far as to wish that there were more initiatives of this kind within the AISPAS.

The Ambassador of Taiwan in Haiti intervened during the traditional orientation seminar of AISPAS

Photo: Ody Bien-Eugene | Juno7

AISPAS, a high quality training space

For nearly five years, the International Academy of Administrative and Strategic Political Sciences (AISPAS) has been offering international standard training in several fields, notably diplomacy and international relations. Due to young people’s lack of information on the different professions, AISPAS officials have decided to organize a seminar every summer to guide them in their choice, according to the explanations of Béatrice Guirand, vice-rector for academic affairs and institutions of AISPAS.

Ms. Guirand explains that this seminar is organized on two levels, namely refresher sessions and exchanges with high-calibre professionals. It is with this in mind that several personalities including Ambassador Richard Wen Jiann Ku and economist Etzer Émile were invited to discuss and share their experience with the participants this week, according to Ms. Guirand. “Speakers, who may be lawyers, economists or even diplomats, present them with the advantages and challenges of these professions. Fresh out of classical school, they need to be oriented,” she added.

Ms. Guirand, who said she was satisfied with Ambassador Ku’s intervention, took the opportunity to announce the continuation of the “Youth Support Program”. Through this programme, supported by various local organisations, AISPAS offers scholarships to the best applicants. Those interested can contact the institution on 2911 2000 or 3729 9696. They can also go to the AISPAS headquarters located at #1, rue Mirambeau, Bois Patate, Canapé-Vert or visit its website http://

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