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The 2022 ranking of the best engineering schools in the world

Each year, the QS site offers a ranking of the best engineering schools in the world. If the ranking of business schools highlights French establishments, the 2022 edition of the ranking of engineering schools does not give pride of place to our dear institutions. Decryption.

There are many high-level French engineering schools. However, they do not compete with the means deployed by American establishments which attract the best students and researchers from all over the world. It must be said that the budgets are not the same. And for good reason ! Tuition fees are not the same. While a bac+3 level student will pay $19,175 per year, or approximately €17,000, a Polytechnique student will pay €19,000 over three years for his training, a price which is therefore divided by three .

However, this is not the only obstacle to the development of establishments. Indeed, in the same way that the HEC Paris brand shines internationally, for those who are interested in management sciences, institutes such as MIT or Stanford are much more recognized abroad for the quality of the training offered. by their engineering schools. You will also see that this has a crucial importance on the ranking.

Disclaimer about the 2022 ranking of the best engineering schools in the world

It is important to note that, just like for business schools, the Anglo-Saxon higher education model is very different from ours. Indeed, engineering schools are often integrated into universities. So, MIT has the MIT School of Engineering and Stanford has the Stanford University School of Engineering. Harvard’s engineering school is called Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (yes, that’s a bit long). Thus, in this ranking, you will mainly see the names of the host universities of these engineering schools.

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QS methodology for its ranking of the best engineering schools in the world

To achieve its ranking of the best engineering schools in the world in 2022, QS looked at four criteria: academic reputation (40%), reputation of the establishment with companies (30%), number of citations obtained for each of the research articles (15%), the H-Index (15%).

With regard to academic reputation, the QS media interviews several teacher-researchers and asks them to identify up to 5 subjects (or areas) that they master best. They must then, for each of these sectors, name the 10 best establishments in their country and the 30 best foreign schools, according to them.

The methodology of the image that companies have of engineering schools is more or less the same. Indeed, QS asks 50,000 managers to identify the 10 national schools and 30 international establishments which constitute the best pool of recruitment for profiles at master’s or graduate.

The criterion of citations per research article refers to the average of the citations obtained by the researchers of the institutions compared to the number of research articles published. A citation is counted when a research paper clearly cites the work of another scientific paper.

Finally, the H-Index is perhaps the most obscure criterion. However, QS explains quite clearly that it is an indicator that measures the productivity of a research team and the impact of the production of this faculty. This criterion has been used since 2013 in all QS rankings.

2022 ranking of the best French engineering schools in the world

As mentioned above, French establishments are positioned quite badly in this ranking which, with these criteria, still gives pride of place to American establishments whose research work is more powerful. Once again, the means deployed are not the same and the salaries offered to teacher-researchers are much more interesting across the Atlantic.

Only seven French engineering schools are positioned in the 2022 ranking of the best establishments in the world according to QS. This can also be explained by the desire of French institutions not to devote time to this ranking and, thus, to choose not to appear in the QS rankings, to the benefit of other media.

Grenoble INP, in 167th position, stands out in particular for its academic reputation, which obtains a score of 79.3/100, one of the highest marks on this criterion among French establishments. Université PSL (163), for its part, has the best score in terms of citations per article (86.5) in France.

Of course, the ranking of the best engineering schools in the world recognizes Polytechnique and CentraleSupélec, which obtain very good marks, in particular on the criterion of reputation with employers. However, Institut Polytechnique de Paris seems to defend itself on this criterion where the university obtains 87.8/100.

Rank France International rank School Total score H-Index score Citation score per article Academic reputation score Employer reputation score
1 21 Polytechnic Institute of Paris 85.4 83.3 83.2 87.8 86
2 26 Paris-Saclay University 84.5 90.2 82.6 83.4 85.1
3 44 PSL University 82.3 87.3 86.5 79.7 82.2
4 66 Sorbonne University 79.8 85.6 83.5 75.8 76.7
5 137 Grenoble Alpes University 74.5 81.7 81.9 73.9 62.9
6 154 National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon (INSA) 73.6 72.4 78.6 75.3 69.3
7 167 Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble – Grenoble Institute of Technology 73.1 76.4 81.1 79.3 70.1
8 236 IMT Atlantic 70.2 54.9 72.3 69 79.4
9 243 Ecole des Ponts ParisTech 69.9 65.2 85.2 74 70.1
10 255 Central School of Lyon 69.2 68.3 77 71.4 68
11 259 Nantes Central School 68.9 59.5 76.3 70.2 72.3
12 336 Paul Sabatier Toulouse III University 66.1 69.8 83.8 68.2 47
13 336 University of Technology of Compiègne (UTC) 66.1 63.4 72.9 67.8 62.8
14 340 University of Lille 65.8 72.4 80.2 66.4 50.6
15 360 University of Bordeaux 65.3 73.6 80.2 65 48.8
16 372 Lyon Normal School 65 58.4 80.6 67.6 62.3
17 382 University of Strasbourg 64.7 71.8 85.5 62.9 50.6

Recruiters’ favorite engineering schools

One of the most important criteria in the 2022 ranking of the best engineering schools is of course the reputation with employers. Indeed, the objective of these courses is to enable students to enter the job market easily and quickly. The ability of students to seduce recruiters is therefore an undeniable asset for engineering schools. This is all the more important since the alumni, once in place in the companies, will then be able to easily establish school-company relationships or at least support them.

These close links forged between organizations and engineering schools are a source of income for higher education establishments, which can then benefit from donations donated to foundations or even funding for the creation of a research chair.

On this subject, American engineering schools are not the only ones to stand out. Of course, we find MIT in the lead, with a score of 96.5/100. The establishment displays a brand that shines throughout the world and inspires confidence. Harvard fell one spot to second in the standings. The institution recently suffered a tumble in the ranking of the best American universities. In terms of employer reputation, France has nothing to be ashamed of its international counterparts. In fact, Polytechnique is in 21st place overall, with a score of 83.2.

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2022 ranking of the best engineering schools in the world: the top 100

To discover the complete ranking, go to the QS website.

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