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Summer jobs: here are about forty job offers to be filled in the Pays de Vitré

Catering is recruiting in the Pays de Vitré ©Le Journal de Vitré

HAS WindowPôle emploi has compiled a selection of summer jobs in various fields. At the top of the list of activity sectors with strong seasonality, we find the agricultural sectorwhich hires for work related to the harvest in particular (picking fruits and vegetables) and the packaging of the products thus harvested.

The Agrifoods industries also hire seasonal workers for the manufacture and distribution of food.

Catering, trade, personal services…

Many job offers also exist in the sector hotel and catering. Just like in cultural and sporting activities or even commerce.

Finally, Pôle emploi Vitré indicates that the personal services are a wealth of jobs throughout the year: “Childcare, homework help, animal walking, shopping, household help, computer assistance, gardening… Some tasks can be performed by young people under the age of 18 years old. »

As with any other job, in order to put the odds on your side, Pôle emploi reminds you that you should “take care and seriousness with your CV and your cover letter. Also, the summer job can be a way to (re)connect with the labor market and, above all, to create sustainable employment opportunities”.

Forty offers in the Pays de Vitré

Here is a selection of seasonal job offers communicated by Pôle emploi Vitré, with their location and duration.

– Garden center salesperson, Vitré, 3 months.

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– Warehouseman / Receiving warehouseman, Louvigné-de-Bais, 3 months.

– Versatile maintenance agent in a community, Vitré, 1 month.

– Carpenter / Carpenter, Vitré, 1 month.

– Mechanic / Mechanic in garden machinery, Vitré, 3 months.

– Human resources assistant, Vitré, 2 months.

– Driver, Vitré, 1 month.

– Crawler excavator driver, Etrelles, 3 months.

– Premises maintenance/cleaning agent, Vitré, 2 months.

– Metalworker / Metalworker in industrial carpentry, Vitré, 3 months.

– Team leader for municipal road works, Vitré, 1 month.

– Carpenter / Aluminum workshop carpenter in industry, Argentré-du-Plessis, 3 months.

– Construction labourer, Châteaubourg, 1 month.

– Clerk / Kitchen clerk, Le Pertre, 3 months.

– Formworker / Formworker, Châteaubourg, 1 month.

– Automated mechanical production equipment agent, Louvigné-de-Bais, 3 months.

– Handler, Domagne, 3 months.

– Plumber / Plumber, Taillis, 3 months.

– Construction materials manufacturing operator, La Guerche-de-Bretagne, 3 months.

– Carpenter / Carpenter, Argentré-du-Plessis, 3 months.

– Versatile manufacturing agent in industry, Vitré, 3 months.

– Device operator in the food industry, Brie, 3 months.

– Warehouse logistics preparer, Torcé, 3 months.

– Welder / Electric arc welder, Val-d’Izé, 3 months.

– Bedding salesperson, Vitré, 1 month.

– Public works labourer, Vitré, 1 month.

– Industrial analysis technician, Torcé, 3 months.

– Assistant driver / Assistant works manager, Etrelles, 3 months.

– Driver of heavy / super heavy vehicles, Châteaubourg, 4 months.

– Cleaner / Cleaner of premises, Vitré, 3 months.

– Formworker / Formworker, Vitré, 2 months.

– Tree helper, Domagne, 1 month.

– Worker / Landscape worker, Taillis, 1 month.

– Packing and handling agent, Vitré, 4 months.

– Mason / Mason, Rannée, 1 month.

– Electrician / Site electrician, Etrelles, 1 month.

– Driver of super heavy vehicles, Etrelles, 1 month.

– Cook / Cook, Argentré-du-Plessis, 2 months.

– Restaurant waiter / waitress, Vitré, 2 months.

– Forklift driver / dock attendant, Châteaubourg, 3 months.

– Road driver, Cornillé, 3 months.

– Agricultural help in arboriculture, Argentré-du-Plessis, 1 month.

– Versatile manufacturing agent in industry, Bais, 3 months.

– Green space worker, Châteaubourg, 3 months.

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