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Studybird: What studies lead to permanent residency in Australia?

After a few years in Australia, that’s it, you’re sure, you want to spend your life there. It’s true that living to the rhythm of the ocean or the Australian country side is really incredible. So indeed, you have to think of a long-term plan, and today, one of the access routes to permanent residence is education. But which studies allow easier access to the much-desired Australian permanent residence? Studybird tells you everything!

Information and Communication Technology (IT)

IT, like everywhere in the world, is a field that recruits and Australia is no exception. The booming economy in this sector is conducive to IT professionals who have graduated from a recognized Australian university or have excelled in the profession in another country.

Several Australian universities offer courses in the fields of computing and ICT, such as:

  • computer networks and systems (Cyber ​​Security Specialist)
  • business and ICT systems analysis (Data Analyst)-software application and programming (Developer Programmer)
  • user experience (UX Designer)
  • Business Information Systems (Business Analyst)
  • Web development (Web Developer)

These studies can lead to two occupations on the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL), which mentions the most sought-after occupations in Australia:

  • Developer Programmer (261312) – $86,000 per year on average
  • Software Engineer (261313) – $117,163 per year on average

Education and teaching

Taking education and teaching courses in Australia can lead to many career opportunities such as vocational education teacher, secondary or primary education teacher, school teacher, special education teacher, university teacher , etc. Studying in the field of education can also be an advantage for potential assignments in English-speaking countries. And also to acquire a recognized English training. Higher (or university) studies such as Bachelor of Teaching are the most common for accessing this type of profession.

For this, you must have a perfect command of English, the minimum level required at the entrance to these courses being generally Proficient or even Superior, i.e. an equivalent to 7.0 or 8.0 at the IELTS, which is the reference test.

The salary of a Primary Teacher in Australia averages $89,836 per year.


Obtaining an engineering degree in Australia can lead to many job opportunities. Every year, the country needs a large number of engineers in several fields, including agricultural engineering, civil engineering, software engineering, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, structural engineering, aeronautical engineering, engineering environmental, etc

An engineer in Australia can earn an average of $110,058 per year.

StudyBird can provide you with the list of courses accredited by the engineering regulatory body that will allow you to assert your qualifications and make you eligible for work visas more quickly. Contact us!

Nursing and medical courses

Asia Pacific is known as one of the best destinations in the world for its highly efficient healthcare industry. Many international students who wish to study nursing in Australia consider this profession to be the most favorable.

With the increase in Australia’s population, the need for qualified medical personnel is also on the rise. Especially with the current pandemic, Australia needs motivated young graduates more than ever. So, if you are passionate about helping people and have all the skills required, now is a good time to enroll in a nursing course offered by an Australian university.

This profession (Registered Nurse) is on the PMSOL, as it is part of one of the most buoyant sectors. And the average salary is $79,002 per year.

Social Work (social)

Social work courses in Australia attract students from all over the world who want to work with disadvantaged people and thus have a significant impact on the lives of others by providing support, advice or assistance to reintegrate the most socially fragile into society. .

In Australia, you can choose different social work backgrounds like health and social care services, psychology, counselling, etc. Once you have obtained your social work degree, such as the Bachelor of Social Work, you will be able to apply for occupations on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List, such as social worker, family support worker and care center manager.

You should know that as a social worker in Australia, you can earn an average of $86,676 per year.

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This sector offers many opportunities in Australia for international students who are passionate about vehicle repair and maintenance.

Automotive jobs in high demand include: Motorcycle Mechanic, Automotive Electrician, Engine Mechanic, and Diesel Engine Mechanic. After completing his studies, a Automotive Mechanic earns an average of $74,072 per year.

We can also add the trade of coachbuilder (Panel beater), which is on the Long list but is not purely mechanical. On average, a bodybuilder can earn $63,750 per year.


Learning a construction trade is both the guarantee of finding work, a generous salary, but above all of maximizing your chances of obtaining a permanent residence in the short term.

At the end of your studies, you can become a carpenter or joiner, mason, Quantity surveyor, Construction project manager, tiler, glazier, building inspector, etc. These trades are also eligible for permanent residency.

To access this type of job, you can embark on a short training course called VET (Vocational Education and Training course). And get a Bachelor’s degree to become a Quantity surveyor and Construction project manager.

Similarly, for the plumbing trade, with an expected job growth of 11.2% by 2022 and over 5,500 occupations open for permanent residency, there is huge demand in Australia. The majority of plumbing work is done on commercial, household, and retail construction sites.

The same goes for many other trades such as electrician, welder or even boilermaker.

Unlike Europe, Australia values ​​manual labor. This means both that craftsmanship is in high demand and that the remuneration is attractive. For example, a carpenter earns an average of $50 per hour, or even $80 for some.


If you are passionate about the hotel and restaurant industry, this path is for you. Cooking, baking and hospitality jobs include: chef, cafe or restaurant manager, campground and trailer park manager, hotel or motel manager, licensed club, bed and breakfast operator, accommodation and hotel manager, baker and pastry chef.

Due to the large number of temporary visitors who left Australia during the Covid crisis, the catering sector is facing increasing difficulties in recruiting qualified staff. It is therefore an excellent opportunity for young graduates or people who already have significant experience in this sector to obtain positions leading to permanent visas.

Note that only the profession of chef allows access to permanent residence, which offers for example 2,000 places this year. This occupation was recently added to the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL) to help revive the economy in this area after the health crisis. Which is therefore an additional opportunity if you wish to stay in Australia.

As you can see, many sectors allow, via your studies, to access permanent residence in Australia. This is a non-exhaustive list and of course, that does not mean that it is the only way to achieve it. Depending on your professional project and your background, we can help and advise you on the best path to follow. Each project is different and this list should above all help you to see more clearly in the most promising sectors, in Australia, for international students.

Contact us to start launching your project!

All information related to immigration to Australia mentioned in this article is provided to us by Nicolas, our immigration agent its MARN number: (MARN 1798441)

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