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Student: the CVEC up 3.26% to €95 for the start of the 2022/2023 school year

The CVEC, késako?

The CVEC is the Student Life and Campus Contribution, this contribution is collected by the Crous.

Amount of the CVEC?

The CVEC amount is 95 euros for the 2022-2023 academic year, up 3.26% compared to last year (92€).

Who has to pay the CVEC?

The CVEC is to be paid by students enrolled in initial training in a higher education establishment in France. It is possible to pay it now for the 2022/2023 academic year. This payment is mandatory before you can enroll in a course. Verification is done online. L’CVEC payment certificate is to be provided to your establishment during the administrative registration for 2022/23. After payment of the CVEC, you sometimes have to wait a few minutes for it to be taken into account when paying your tuition fees.

Good to know : if you register for several courses for the same academic year, this contribution is only due at the time of the first registration.

Who is exempt from CVEC?

If you are a scholarship holder, the exemption from payment of the CVEC is automatic.

The following are exempt from paying the CVEC:

  • Scholarship holders or recipients of an annual allowance granted within the framework of specific annual aid
  • Refugee students
  • Students benefiting from subsidiary protection or temporary protection
  • Students registered as asylum seekers and having the right to stay on the territory
  • Future Crous scholarship holders who have received their conditional scholarship are automatically detected on the website, and can download their CVEC payment certificate at the end of the online process, without paying nor advance the costs. If this is not the case, either your scholarship application has not yet been processed, or it is pending (request for additional documents). If you depend on an organization other than the Crous for scholarships (eg region), you must provide a scholarship certificate online during the reimbursement request procedure. Indeed, you must pay the contribution and will be reimbursed.

People enrolled in BTS, DMA, in accounting training, in continuing education (which includes work-study contracts), and students on international exchange in France (via Erasmus+ type programs). In these cases, the CVEC does not concern you.

CVEC acquittal certificate

In all cases, whether you have paid the CVEC or are exempt from it, you can download your CVEC payment certificate from the website.

What is the CVEC used for?

This contribution is “intended to promote the reception and social, health, cultural and sporting support of students and to reinforce the preventive and health education actions carried out for them” (article L. 841-5 of the education code).

To be reimbursed for the CVEC?

If you become eligible for the contribution waiver during the academic year, you can get a refund of the contribution you previously paid. To do this, and for the current academic year, simply submit a request at Ditto for those who would have paid the CVEC before the baccalaureate results and who ultimately would not be baccalaureate holders.

⚠️CVEC & Work-study students : Work-study trainees on an apprenticeship contract (which comes under initial training) are subject to the CVEC. Work-study trainees under a professionalization contract (which is part of continuing education) are not affected by the CVEC

CVEC & Preparatory classes

If you are enrolled in CPGE (Preparatory Class for Grandes Ecoles), you must complete the procedure for your registration at the university. You can pay or be exempt depending on your situation.

Gap year and CVEC?

You are in a gap period, but you still have to pay the CVEC.

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