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Residence In Australia… General Information For Everyone Who Wants To Immigrate To Australia To Settle There

Immigration and residence in Australia depend on several conditions that must be met by the applicant for residence, these conditions are necessary due to the permanent resident enjoying all the rights enjoyed by the Australian citizen so that he can live and work as well as access social welfare services and education for his children…

But when is a person entitled to apply for permanent residence in Australia?

In this article, we will provide some information regarding residency in Australia and we will point out some of the necessary requirements for obtaining a long-term visa, and the new changes related to it.

In addition to clarifying everything related to how to apply for a visa for permanent residence in Australia.

General Information About Residency In Australia:

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The people who have the opportunity to obtain permanent residence are the people who meet the required conditions in addition to fulfilling all the required documents.

After these people obtain a permanent residence permit, they will have the right to enjoy all rights, including the family gathering of the resident’s family members.

In addition, a person who obtains permanent residence after spending a few years in Australia can apply for Australian citizenship.

As for the permanent residence visa, it is different. But among the most common visas are the work visa in Australia as well as the family visa.

The high demand for foreigners to immigrate to Australia is due to several reasons, including the strong economy of Australia in addition to the high standard of living.

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These are the reasons why immigrants and international students dream of obtaining a permanent residence visa in Australia, and subsequently obtaining Australian citizenship.

Currently, the Australian government has implemented several new laws for obtaining a permanent resident visa, these laws are very strict compared to the old laws.

When applying for a permanent residence visa, the applicant is granted a 5-year visa.

During this period, the visa holder enjoys all rights, and he can leave Australia and return to it during this period.

After the expiry of the residence visa, the holder of this visa has the right to apply for a travel visa.

When an Australian person has been infringed on or criminal conduct is committed by an alien, the Minister responsible for the residence visa may cancel it.

They are not entitled to vote in federal/provincial elections unless they were registered prior to 1984, but they can vote in some local elections.

For highly skilled people whose age does not exceed 50 years, they shall have priority in obtaining a permanent residence permit.

Requirements For Obtaining A Residence Visa In Australia:

People who live in Australia but are not Australian citizens These are people who hold a permanent residence visa, and who benefit from residing in Australia for an unlimited period.

There are people who obtain a residence visa for four years. These people are unlucky because they will not benefit from practicing many professions.

Year after year, visa requirements can undergo many changes, making it more difficult to obtain

Among these changes are the following:

  • Persons wishing to obtain permanent residency must prove their scientific level of communication and understanding of English.
  • Also, English language tests are now conducted in strict ways.
  • There will be a strict examination of the applicant to ensure his criminal record.

Subjecting applicants to labor market tests in order to know their level of knowledge and experience, there will be no guidelines for doing this test.

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So, What Are The New Changes To The Residence Visa In Australia:

One of the recent changes made by the Australian government is that one of the conditions for applying for Australian citizenship is that the person has lived for at least four years on a permanent residence visa in Australia.

This change clearly prohibits people who have lived for two years on a permanent resident visa in Australia from applying for Australian citizenship.

Previously, the visa validity period was four years for all visa applicants, but currently, the period of validity is between two to four years.

The number of eligible professions in Australia reaches 650, but these professions will not benefit all residents of Australia, especially those who hold a two-year visa.

Some other changes include:

  • The difficulty of language test English language test.
  • Proof of full integration into the society in which they live and humiliation by submitting documents showing the history of work, and registration in educational institutions.
  • Show evidence of belief in religious tolerance.
  • They must show that they respect the rights of everyone, especially women and children.

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