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Relaxation of immigration procedures: Australia wants to attract Mauritian students

In order to revive its economy affected by the pandemic, Australia has decided to relax its immigration policy. With the reopening of its borders last month, the opportunities abound. What does Kangaroo Country offer to attract Mauritian students and those who want to settle? What are the expected budgets? Response elements…

What is the new immigration policy adopted by Australia since the reopening of its borders based on? Patricia Galea Faustin, lawyer in Melbourne, Australia, director of Galea & Faustin Solicitors and of Aus Start, an international staff recruitment agency, tells us more. To revive Australia’s economy, she said, the country needs students, skilled workers and people willing to learn skills to fill the noticeable gap in human resources.

“The new immigration policy includes several incentives, including the possibility for students to work 40 hours a week. There is also the relaxation of certain procedures, among others, to relaunch immigration, such as the reimbursement of student visa application fees by the Australian government, ”says Patricia Galea Faustin. Moreover, she points out that overall 120,000 immigrants are expected to restart economic activity in Australia. “If the Mauritians wish, they can take advantage of this situation and be part of the new arrivals,” says our interlocutor. As far as students are concerned, she says, a whole range of disciplines are offered by universities and training centers in Australia. The student will choose according to his aspirations. “He will be guided in his choice by the employability factor. The Mauritian student is encouraged to pursue studies that may later provide him with Permanent Residence (PR) in Australia. »

How to obtain the Permanent Residence (PR) visa?

The director of Aus Start says that Mauritians wishing to settle in Australia can take advantage of the new opportunities offered. “If they receive sponsorship from an Australian employer and if their professions are on the priority list, they have every chance of obtaining the Permanent Residence (PR) visa”, says Patricia Galea Faustin. Of course, she says, there are other criteria to be eligible. For example, more than three years of experience is required. To prove this, you must present a payslip or a bank statement that demonstrates that the employer pays the employee’s salary into his account on a monthly basis. In addition, the applicant must hold a certificate or diploma related to the profession exercised. “Also, the person must be under the age of 45 at the time of application and have a good level of English to be able to take the IELTS exam. A score of 6 is recommended,” she continues. If everything is done in the rules, the Mauritian can take the plunge. Aus Start takes care of finding Australian employers to sponsor the Mauritian candidate whose profession is in demand and who also offers him a job as soon as he arrives in Australia. “This sponsorship is important, because it is an avenue to PR if the candidate is eligible according to the criteria mentioned above”, says Patricia Galea Faustin. Galea and Fustin Solicitors (GF) handles the legal process for applicants and submits the application to the Australian government for approval.


New regulations

The minimum wage is 25 AUD (Rs 806) per hour for students.
They can work up to 40 hours per week and receive 1,000 AUD (Rs 33,000) per week.
Mauritius is one of the so-called “Level 2” countries, hence proof of funding to support the costs of living and studies is not required.


The universities and institutions most popular with Mauritians

Dr Dorish Chitson, director of the Overseas Education Center (OVEC), says that since the 1960s, Mauritians have had a particular interest in Melbourne for studies. “Besides, there is currently a large community of Mauritians in this city,” he said. However, over the years, Sydney and Perth are also beginning to attract Mauritian students.

According to Dr. Dorish Chitson, the tuition fees are more or less the same compared to two years ago. As the cost of living has risen, the Australian dollar has depreciated. “Today, it takes Rs 31.16 for an AUD compared to Rs 36 two years ago,” she said.

Plane tickets: Between Rs 48,000 and Rs 54,000 for a “One Way”

Following the imposition of a new fuel tax, airlines have seen their fares rise. Currently, plane tickets to all destinations are more expensive. Australia is no exception. Devika Gunsham, director of Clavis Travel, however, says that since the reopening of borders in Australia, there is no fee to pay for obtaining a visa.


Note that Air Mauritius has not yet resumed direct flights to destinations in Australia. Currently, Mauritian travelers can get there on Emirates Airlines, via a transit in Dubai.

Job opportunities to be filled

Apart from students, Australia also attracts Mauritians with certain skills to work. Currently, this country is looking for “early childhood care workers”, culinary chefs, pastry chefs, nurses with a license, engineers, accountants with an ACCA, educators with a master’s degree in teaching (teaching), computer scientists, welders, tinsmiths and cabinetmakers.


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