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Practical guide to studying in Australia

Content produced in partnership with STUDIES UP

The studies in australia hook you up? Before you start, it is better to prepare your stay. Choice of studies, equivalence of diplomas, academic and cultural specificities: Studyrama gives you all the information you need to carry out your project in the “country of kangaroos”.

Why study in Australia?

Admiring the New Year’s fireworks at the foot of the Sydney Opera House, gazing at the Barrier Reef or surfing on the legendary Bondi Beach are activities that many French people dream of. Australia is therefore a privileged study destination to live a unique experience. “This English-speaking country has an exotic environment that inspires young people with the richness of the fauna and flora, but also the quality of life it offers”confirms Anne-Sophie Morvan, director of StudiesUP, a university placement agency abroad.

Study at an Australian university

In 2018, according to figures from the Australian government (Australian Department of Education and Training), there were more than 690,000 young people pursuing their studies in australiawhose universities are very famous. “These are American-style campuses that we don’t know in France,” explains Anne-Sophie Morvan. Another difference, the lessons are done in reverse pedagogy: there are fewer hours of lessons and more personal work to provide. Students organize their schedule as they wish. »

Australia Matters 41 universitieswhose campuses are located in the main cities of the country: Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney. The last two are also regularly ranked among the 50 best universities in the world.

Australia: extracurricular activities at the center of learning

On a daily basis, Australian establishments make every effort to facilitate the integration of students. The flipped pedagogy frees them up to free time for extracurricular activities. As the director of StudiesUP details, “Depending on its size, a university hosts between 200 and 500 cultural and sports clubs. It is even possible to create new ones. A student who stayed with us, for example, founded a pastry club during his stay. »

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“Do you want to study in Australia?”

Do you live in Europe and Switzerland and want to go to Australia to improve your English? Complete the form below to receive more information from StudiesUp

To be accompanied if necessary for studies after the Bac, the BTS, a License, a Master…

Travel, accommodation: to choose the most suitable stay on Australian soil, nothing should be left to chance. And for this, it is possible to get free support. The StudiesUP agency acts as an intermediary between the university and the student. She helps him put together his file or translate it, puts him in contact with insurance companies and specialized travel agencies to get preferential rates on flights.

“We adapt our solution to each profile. Some want to leave after the Bac for 3 years of Bachelor, others on a language stay for a gap year, notes Anne-Sophie Morvan. Our au-pair program, which allows the student to be fed, housed and have free English lessons in exchange for childcare, has also been very successful », adds the director of StudiesUP, whose services and advice offered to students are totally free. The agency has also set up a bridge for BTS and DUT graduates who can, if they wish, join a 3rd year of License or Bachelor’s degree in Australia.

I want to study in australia

Health crisis/Covid-19

The Australian government had banned access to foreign students since March 2020. But from December 1, 2021, the country will reopen its borders. The French can go to Australia for their studies if they wish, provided they present a visa, a PCR test of less than 72 hours upon arrival and be doubly vaccinated. For others, it is still possible to follow online courses provided by universities.
StudiesUP keeps you informed of the evolution of the situation. Do not hesitate to contact the organization for more information.

And for even more information, get the book: Working or studying in Australia, (Studyrama editions).

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