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Many opportunities for young people within AXA in France

Amélie Watelet, Human Resources Director at AXA France

What are AXA’s recruitment prospects in France?

“Participating in the economic dynamism of the regions is an integral part of our raison d’être and our commitment. We are recruiting, in 2022, nearly 6,000 people throughout France, including nearly 3,000 young people, thus continuing our support for the government’s “1 young person, 1 solution” system. We are particularly looking for profiles wishing to participate in the digital transformation of our company and imagine thetomorrow’s insurance, closer to the needs of our customers. »

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What profiles are AXA looking for in France?

“We mainly hire profiles commercialof the tech profiles and digital, but also underwriters, actuaries, experts in our service and some customer relationship as well as lawyers. We are also recruiting for other support functions such as management control, risk managementpurchases, accountingHR, marketing and communication.

Overall, employment in insurance is employment frame (claims settlement, underwriting, settlement, actuarial, Tech & Data, etc.). We therefore recruit mainly at master’s level. We are also committed to providing opportunities for young people from priority neighborhoods of the city: we recruited more than 600 in 2021 and we will continue this momentum in 2022. As a corporate citizen, we have an important role to play by offering them all the opportunities to build their careers. »

What positions are open to junior profiles within AXA in France?

“AXA in France offers for young people, in 2022, 700 permanent positions, 500 in CDD, 1,300 work-study contracts and 500 internships in the insurance, tech or commercial professions.

We offer annually 2,000 work-study experiences within our companies in France. We offer a wide variety of assignments, from the CQP (professional qualification certificate) to the BTS, up to Bac+4/5 and throughout France through our distribution networks, insurance professions (regulation of claims, underwriting) and certain support functions: positions in actuarial, finance and accounting are offered in Île-de-France, Lyon and Marseille, and Tech & Data jobs are in Île-de-France and Wasquehal .

Our general insurance agents also offer 400 positions on a work-study basis, half with Bac+2 profiles (BTS Insurance and Sales) and the other half with Bac+3 (Licence Pro), throughout the territory.

Our convictions go towards a inclusive alternationthe challenge is to enable young people to gain financial autonomy and stay within their territory by transforming teaching methods: the development of distance learning and training during the health crisis has shown us that was possible.

We have also made a commitment in our 9th AXA France agreement (2020-2022) to recruit 90 people with disabilities, two-thirds of them on fixed-term contracts and work-study contracts, and mostly young people.

Finally, 200 seasonal jobs assistance officers are offered each year mainly by AXA Partners, the subsidiary specializing in the design of assistance solutions. »

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Why do a work-study program at AXA in France?

“Learning is today the most effective springboard to working life. AXA in France offers qualifying and training missions throughout the territory and local support. We are committed to helping young people to fit in professionallyat develop their skills and their professionalism to prepare their future projects.

We pay particular attention to the integration of young and new arrivals and we have redesigned our Welcome@AXA reception system, as part of the hybridization of work in order to facilitate their arrival and allow them to weave, even from a distance. , their internal network. We make every effort to familiarize them with the spirit and values ​​of AXA, whatever their contract and their geographical area in France.

The quality of our support is recognized on the market, in particular through our Happy Trainees 2022 certification for the 8th consecutive year and the Employer of Choice Label in 2022 which was awarded to us by Engagement Jeunes. »

Is it possible to obtain a contract following his alternation?

“We support all our work-study students via our program “Prepare your future”. A week in April is dedicated to them with conferences and workshops to give them advice and keys for their next position. And we keep in touch with them through the management of Yammer and LinkedIn communities.

Obtaining a contract following the work-study program varies greatly depending on the trades and geographical areas. Overall, almost of 1 alternating in 4 will be offered to continue an experience at AXA, in particular on the positions Tech & Data and on the commercial. »

When and how to apply?

“Our 3 recruitment highlights are: from the month of March for work placements and summer jobs, April for work-study and from October to December for internships. And we are present throughout the year in schools for recruitment events, CV coaching or presentations by business experts.

All offers are accessible on the AXA website in France and we also distribute them on many platforms and via our social networks to reach students where they are.

We support students and give them the keys to entering the professional world by offering them, thanks to a new 360° immersive experience on our new recruitment site, access to numerous resources. These are, for example, videos and webcasts to help them prepare for their search for work-study or their first job, from writing a CV to working on their brand image on social networks (personal branding), but also advice on well-being at work. »


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