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Jobs In Australia .. Jobs And Professions Required In Australia 2022 + Salaries And Job Search Websites

Jobs in Australia have become a destination for immigrants from all over the world. This country, which is a continent alone, is home to only 26 million people, which is not in line with the scientific, economic and agricultural development that Australia is known for. Government officials resort to attracting workers from abroad, and that is why many Arabs are looking for Work in Australia.

There is a severe shortage of many professions and jobs required in Australia in 2022, which vary according to the competencies and skills of workers, and this is what we will try to clarify in this post, but in general, the educational and health fields are among the most sectors where the professions required in Australia are higher.

The Most Important Information Necessary About Working In Australia:

The labor market in Australia is very competitive in all sectors, which is in line with the vision of companies and operators who are looking to ensure the quality of workers. To this end, the Australian government has created several immigration programs that grant a work visa in Australia to immigrants coming from abroad.

One of the most important pieces of information that a person wishing to immigrate to Australia in order to work should know is that work visa programs are divided into two types:

  • The first category is by calculating points, which are determined by various criteria such as evidence, professional experience, and age.
  • The second category pertains to workers who have found an employer in Australia who takes care of them and hosts them in Australia, which can be achieved through the Internet or some broker in Australia looking for you to work there or any other way.

Criteria For Drip In Immigration Programs To Work In Australia:

If 65 points or more are scored from the criteria listed below, the applicant will be eligible for a visa under one of Australia’s work immigration programs.

Study Level:

  • Ph.D.: 20 points
  • Master: 15 points
  • Bachelor’s degree: 10 points

Professional Experience :

  • 5 years: 15 points
  • 3 years: 10 points
  • 1 year: 5 points

IELTS English test results:

  • 8/8 result: 20 points
  • 7/10 result: 10 points

Age of applicant:

  • From 25 to 32 years: 30 points
  • From 18 to 24 years old: 25 points
  • From 32 to 39 years old: 25 points

Immigration programs to Australia for work:

There is a group of immigration programs to Australia for work that concern different classifications of workers, and each immigration program is named with a specific number, such as the Australian Work Visa 189, which is the most famous by the way.

Many of those wishing to obtain an Australian work visa are looking for the official website of the Australian Ministry of Immigration, where the applicant can find out the visa program that goes with him, which we will try to explain and provide examples of.

Below we will try to explain the most important of these programs for immigration to Australia for work:

Immigration Programs To Australia Bypassing The Points Collection Test:

Skilled Freelance Worker Visa (189):

A visa for immigrant workers who are not sponsored by any entity. The residence they allow is considered a permanent resident visa, which means that the applicant can live and work in Australia permanently and eventually obtain Australian citizenship.

Workers visa for skilled workers selected by the Australian states or territories (190):

A visa for skilled workers who are selected by a state or territory in Australia. This visa allows the holder to permanently reside, and he can also obtain Australian citizenship after that the applicant must be willing to settle in this state or territory for at least two years.

Regional visa for skilled workers (489):

This visa is intended for skilled workers who are hosted by an Australian relative who can sponsor them and who are in an area or region that needs labor. This visa is valid for 4 years after which it becomes possible to apply for permanent residence and with the passage of time citizenship can also be obtained.

Immigration programs to Australia by getting a job in Australia:

The following types of work visas in Australia are not included in the immigration programs by passing the points test.

Employer Brought Worker Program Visa (186):

This visa grants the holder permanent residence. Although the employer will be responsible for providing the work, the applicant’s professional skills must be assessed by the Australian authorities relevant to the field of employment, and 3 years of work experience is required.

Low Population Territories Subsidized Immigrant Program (187) Visa:

This is a visa that grants its holder permanent residence, and the applicant must work in Australian regions that suffer from a shortage of population. Workers in this category are also required to have competencies recognized by Australia, whether from abroad or at home.

Visa Filling Requirements by Recruiting Skilled Persons from Abroad (482):

It is a work visa that allows Australian employers to attract workers from abroad to work on their projects or contractors in Australia.

The most important jobs and professions in demand in Australia in 2022:

There are many jobs and professions required in Australia that are in line with the desired profiles in the Australian labor market, which is looking for quality competencies and manpower, which provides important opportunities for Arabs to work in Australia in many fields.

Jobs in Australia in 2022 vary according to the structure of the Australian economy, which is characterized by activity and vitality in various fields and sectors. The following is the list of required professions in Australia 2022:

  • Construction project manager
  • Public Accountant
  • Management Accountant
  • Tax accountant
  • Cartographer
  • Civil engineer
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Veterinary doctor
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Psychiatrist
  • Medical practitioners
  • Met him
  • Nurses
  • Programmer Analyst
  • Developer programmer
  • Software engineer
  • Software and applications programmer
  • ICT Security Specialist
  • Social worker
  • Maintenance chart
  • Chef
  • Secondary preparatory teacher

Working as a nurse in Australia:

The nursing profession is considered one of the most sought-after professions in Australia, as the demand for it is constantly increasing due to the great importance that Australia attaches to the field of health, and Australian young people do not go to work in this profession much, which requires attracting nurses from abroad.

Some official reports indicated that by the year 2025, the shortage of nurses in Australia will reach 90,000 vacancies, and a large part of this number will be filled from abroad, making Australia an important destination for nurses around the world.

On the other hand, we find that many Arab countries have a large surplus of graduates in nursing professions. Nurses in Morocco, Tunisia, or Algeria, for example, do not find important job opportunities in their countries due to the great demand for these professions, as the health system in most of these countries does not provide enough job opportunities for them.

Nurses wishing to work in Australia must have a training period of at least 3 years to meet the conditions for working as a nurse in Australia.

It is possible to obtain work in Australia as a nurse by receiving training in nursing or studying in one of the recognized Australian institutions or universities, or by applying to one of the aforementioned government immigration programs as a nurse.

Working as a doctor in Australia:

What we said about the shortage Australia knows in nurses applies to doctors as well, as Australia seeks to develop its health system with the best competencies that can fill the shortage experienced by the country.

But with regard to working as a doctor in Australia, there are more strict conditions that are imposed in hiring doctors from abroad, whatever their specialization, as follows:

  • Internationally recognized medical certificate.
  • Get a job offer in Australia.
  • The applicant’s skills are assessed in line with the conditions for practicing the profession.
  • Proof of English language proficiency.
  • Obtaining a visa to work in Australia or permanent residence according to one of the aforementioned programs.

The great shortage Australia knows of doctors, especially in remote areas, does not mean that the process of obtaining a job in Australia will be easy, because Australia is one of the countries that depend on the quality of the services it provides to its citizens. Efficiency is a necessary condition.

Work salary in Australia 2022

Work salaries in Australia rank among the highest salaries in the world, as Australia competes with the strongest countries in wages, which it gives to employees in some professions, such as technical experts in the fields of computers or engineers in most of their specialties.

Here are some of the in-demand occupations salaries in Australia:

  • CEO: 14,127 USD
  • IT Manager: $8,377
  • Doctor: $8,175
  • Dentist: $7384
  • Hardware Engineer: $7,165
  • Data Scientist: $6811
  • Sales manager: 6,699 dollars
  • Financial Manager: $6,438
  • Financial Analyst: $6,245
  • Business Analyst: $6073
  • Marketing Manager: $5926
  • Mechanical Engineer: $5913
  • Lecturer: $5,865
  • Software Engineer: $5,798
  • Analyst: $5,793 data
  • Account Manager: $5,793
  • Postdoctoral researcher: $5790
  • Lawyer: $5,790
  • Electrical engineer: 5774 dollars
  • Civil engineer: 5642 dollars
  • HR Manager: $5,700
  • Chemical engineer: 5667 dollars
  • Accountant: $5,198
  • Web Developer Programmer: $5,090
  • Pharmacist: $5,091
  • Teacher: $4,960
  • Research Scientist: $4,939
  • Nurse: $4,592
  • Web Designer: $4,449
  • Architect: $4,440
  • Office manager: $4,283
  • Fashion designer: $4,250
  • Head Chef: $4,080
  • Customer service and call centers: $3,830
  • Graphic designer: $3,695
  • Administrative Assistant: $3,650
  • Receptionist: $3,073
  • Fund employee: $27,706
  • Waiter: 2460

Although the income rates in Australia are high compared to many Arab countries, the tax law in Australia on salaries may be a little harsh on the grounds that social justice in Australia is achieved only through tax deductions, which are invested in the social sectors that benefit from it. everybody.

For jobs and professions whose wages do not exceed $19,000, no tax is paid, while the lowest rate of payroll tax in Australia after this threshold is exceeded 18% of total wages, and when the wage threshold is exceeded 180,000 dollars in a year, the tax rate reaches 45%.

The Most Popular Job Search Applications And Websites In Australia:

The technological revolution that the world knows today has facilitated communication across different countries and continents, and since Australia is considered among the contemporary countries and keeps pace with the digital development that the world knows, it is possible to search for work in Australia through the Internet only through some of the job search sites in Australia, which are as follows:

  • Australian Government Job Search Website: It is the main and official resource for job seekers in Australia.
  • SEEK is the most popular job search site in Australia. It features browsing features that facilitate access to the site’s extensive database.
  • CAREERONE: Those wishing to benefit from this site must upload a CV in order to create a personal account. The process takes only a few minutes, and then he can search for jobs in Australia based on the skill, experience, and criteria required for the job.
  • ADZUNA: This site displays the required positions by region and includes features such as searching for the proposed salary in the required position.
  • INDEED: This site or application is considered one of the most famous global platforms in order to search for work in the whole world, not only in Australia, and those who wish to find work in Australia must create an account in it and constantly search for professions that suit them.

Conditions And Requirements For Immigration To Australia And Obtaining a Work Visa:

The conditions and requirements for obtaining an Australian visa in order to work are different, as the immigration programs to Australia for work are considered diverse and numerous. Therefore, communication with the Australian consulate or embassy in the applicant’s country is necessary in order to verify the documents required to obtain a work visa in Australia, whose duration varies according to The type of immigration program chosen.

As we have seen before, after the success in collecting the points required in the immigration programs to Australia or obtaining a job offer from an operator in Australia, the turn comes to the stage of applying for a work visa, or what is also called a long-term Australian visa.

The following are the most important documents and documents required in the procedures for obtaining an Australian work visa:

  • A passport valid for at least 6 months
  • Recent passport-size photos
  • Letter of receipt of a job offer in Australia
  • Travel health insurance
  • A criminal record certificate proving good conduct
  • Fill out Form 80, which is intended to state the purpose of your stay in Australia
  • Proof of English language proficiency by IELTS
  • Proof of scientific evidence and academic level

Foreign students who reside in Australia with a study visa are allowed to search for work in Australia after completing their studies in one of the institutions and institutes of higher education in Australia.

Cost Of Living In Australia 2022:

The cost of living varies in all countries of the world according to the region or region of residence, which determines the level of expenditure and the cost of living, for example, housing, which constitutes approximately 50% of the total cost of living in most countries of the world, is low in the less populated areas, while it is much higher in the areas where Population density is higher.

For this reason, we will try to present the average prices for some costs of living and life in Australia, which are only approximate:

  • Cost of living in Australia for a single person: $2,835 per month
  • Average living expenses for a married couple: $4,118 per month
  • Average monthly living expenses for a family of 4: $5,378

Working and living in Australia has become a target for many citizens of Arab countries who are looking for job opportunities outside their countries, as work salaries in Australia are one of the most important attractions that make Australia a destination for workers of all nationalities, not to mention that the quality of life in Australia competes with the strongest and best countries.

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