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how to find an alternation?

It is in the spring that many work-study opportunities are available to students. Between the various publications of work-study offers, work-study forums and fairs or even job dating, students have plenty of opportunities to meet recruiters looking for new talent.

Lack of experience, a barrier for many students

Although many students choose work-study in order to integrate more easily into the world of work, some encounter difficulties during their search for a contract, in particular because of their lack of experience. This is the case of Philippe, 19 years old, in the second year of BTS: “I am looking for a host company to do my Bachelor. I started my research at the beginning of March. Very often, when I look at job descriptions, I realize that I don’t have the required experience to apply. It’s really complicated because we choose the work-study program to gain our first experience and that’s precisely what we lack when we apply. Moreover, too many companies do not even take the time to answer us in the negative. It’s quite demotivating…”

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Catherine, a 22-year-old student, shares this opinion. “I’m currently in training course for entry into employment (PEE). This training prepares us to enter professional life. I’ve never done a work-study program before, but it’s not for lack of trying. 2 years ago, I had already tried to find a company in vain. It’s not easy to find a work-study contract, there are usually a lot of applicants. I started looking for a social business about a month ago and I already feel like I started too late. I hope that my two years of professional experience will this time be beneficial in my research. »

Sending unsolicited applications, a way to stand out?

It’s never too early to start your research. Some young people do not wait for companies to launch their recruitment campaign in the spring to contact them directly. “To be seen by as many recruiters as possible, I don’t put up any barriers,” says Raphaël, 20. I don’t hesitate to contact as many companies as possible even if these have not yet published work-study offers. This will perhaps allow me to stand out from other students. Anyway, the more CVs I send, the more chance I have of being noticed by a company. So I have nothing to lose. In addition, I tell myself that my profile may interest a recruiter who, at first glance, did not necessarily think he was looking for a work-study contract. »

Soliciting businesses over the phone

To have a better chance of finding a host company, young people choose to contact companies by telephone to obtain the contacts of the recruitment managers. This is what Jessica, 19, is doing, looking for a work-study contract in accounting: “After sending out many CVs, I decided to contact companies every day over the phone to get direct contacts within the organization. And to stand out, I try to move as much as possible to convey my CV in person. »

Schools, a help in your research

Your establishment can also be of great help to you. After a preparatory cycle in engineering school, Julie is looking for a work-study program to complete her engineering cycle. “I have an interview scheduled for May. I picked it up thanks to my school who gave me the offer. I was able to apply directly by email by sending them my CV and a cover letter specifying what I want to do. Our school also taught us how to write a CV and cover letter to catch the eye of recruiters. » Valuable advice for students with little or no experience.

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Respond very quickly to offers for interviews

Clémence, a 20-year-old friend of Julie, obtained several interviews by responding to internet offers. “I already got two interviews soon enough, I got lucky! So far, I haven’t had the answers yet. I was one of the first candidates to present myself and I was told that the recruitment sessions last between 2 and 3 weeks. So I have to wait a little longer for the verdict. I think I got these interviews because I responded very quickly to offers. However, I can’t stop looking. I participate in recruitment forums to meet other companies. Until I have a definitive answer, I will continue my research. »

If you haven’t yet found your work-study program for September 2022, don’t hesitate to follow the advice of these students and don’t despair. You still have several months and many offers to find the company and the mission of your dreams!


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