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How To Apply For Us Visa Lottery With The Phone, And What Are The Necessary Procedures 2022 – 2023

How To Apply For Us Visa Lottery With The Phone or submit the lottery over the phone. With the approaching date of registration for the American lottery, we have previously talked about the method of registering for the lottery from the computer, but statistics show that many Internet users rely on the smartphone instead of the computer.

Therefore, in this article, we will talk about how to submit a lottery over the phone with step-by-step pictures

Introducing the lottery over the phone 2022-2023:

We receive many questions about how to register for the American lottery 2023-2022 from Morocco or register in the American lottery from Algeria, Iraq, the UAE, or any place in the world… But the method of registering in the random American lottery is the same for all countries

Before starting the registration, you must take a picture with the standards required in the American lottery, and it is better to get the picture via the phone directly via e-mail or via “Bluetooth” in order to maintain the quality of the image.

After you get the photo, you can start registering for the America 2022 lottery through the following link:

It is better for you to see the instructions that will appear to you on the main page, a set of options that can help you before you click on the start registration box.

By pressing the Photo Examples button, you can find out the conditions for the image required in the American lottery.

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But if you are familiar with all these details and want to start recording, just click on Begin Entry (the field colored green) as shown in the image below.

After pressing Begin Entry, you will be taken to a new page and you must enter the “CAPTCHA” code as shown in the image below, and then press Submit, which will take you to the next page where you will find the random lottery form that you will have to fill out carefully.

1- Full name:

The first step in registering for the lottery is to write your family name and personal name, either if you have a middle name or a second name
Like Muhammad Amin in Jeb, you must indicate this in the “No Middle Name” box, as shown in the image below.

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For reference, all the information that must be entered must be written in English letters.

2- Determining the applicant’s gender:

In the next step, you must specify the gender. Are you a man or a woman in the field designated for that?

3- Date of birth:

After determining the gender, the next step is to specify your date of birth as follows: month/day/year.

4- The city in which I grew up:

In this step, you must first select the city in which you have increased, but if you do not know the city in which you have increased, you must click on the “Birth City Unknown” box

5- The country in which you grew up:

If you were born in a country that allows its citizens to present the lottery, such as Algeria, Tunisia, and More… you must mention that.

6- Are you one of the countries that allow their citizens to participate in the American lottery?

Those wishing to register in the American lottery 2023 from Africa, Tunisia, Egypt, and the UAE… can skip this step, but if you are from a country that is prohibited from participating in the lottery, you must specify No instead of Yes, and then specify the country in which you were born.

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7- Passport:

Every person wishing to register in the American lottery 2022/2023 has to provide some information related to the passport in the electronic registration form (passport number, its expiry date, and the country from which it was granted…) “Decision of the US State Department on 06/05/2019.

Important Note: You can get an exemption from providing information about your passport because you are if you meet the following conditions;

  • stateless.
  • If you are a citizen of a communist country and cannot obtain a passport.
  • Unable to obtain the passport for another reason and obtaining a waiver of the passport requirement by the Ministry of Interior or Foreign Affairs.

If it is proven that you provided false information regarding the exemption from the passport, you will be disqualified even if you win the lottery in America

8- Insert the image:

In the eighth stage, you must enter the photo with which you will participate in the lottery, and as we mentioned previously, the criteria required in the terms of the American lottery 2022-2023 must be respected.

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You can enter the official website of the American lottery for more details regarding the required image in the American lottery 2022-2023

It is advised not to manipulate the image or make any modifications to it with Photoshop programs such as removing black spots, bleaching them, or changing the background color … There is also a non-governmental site that helps people to make sure that the images meet the conditions required in the American lottery, which can be visited by clicking here.

After confirming the image, insert it in the designated place as shown in the image below.

9- Enter the postal address:

During this stage, you must provide your full address, the city in which you currently live, and the entity or state to which it belongs … In the image below, we have explained in Arabic to facilitate the entry of information due to the presence of some optional fields (and we used the state of Morocco as an example and the same steps apply to the rest of the Arab countries).

10- The country you are currently living in:

In the tenth stage, you must specify the country in which you currently live (Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia….)

11- Entering the phone number:

This step is optional as you have the choice to enter your phone number or not, but in the event that you entered your phone number, do not forget to enter the identification number for your country (Morocco 00212, Algeria 00213….)

12- Entering the email:

One of the most important pieces of information that you should pay attention to is the e-mail, as it must be valid and you can access it quickly because it is used in the event that you are accepted in the American lottery and provide you with additional information.

You can also use the e-mail to retrieve the code that you will get after completing the registration.

13- Determining the educational level of the applicant:

This stage is very important, as you must determine the educational level you have reached.

  • Primary school only.
  • High school without a diploma.
  • High school Certificate.
  • Vocational school.
  • Some undergraduate classes.
  • University degree.
  • Some graduate classes.
  • Master’s degree.
  • Some doctoral study classes.
  • Ph.D .

Note: One of the most important conditions for the American lottery 2022-2023 is that the applicant must have studied at least 12 years and possess a certificate proving this (high school certificate or what is known as a baccalaureate) or two years of work experience during the past 5 years in a profession that requires two years of Training or experience to at least practice it.

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What professions are eligible for a green card by the US Department of Labor?

Details of the professions eligible for a green card for people who do not have a baccalaureate can be found by clicking here.

14 – Determining the family status:

In this step, you will have to determine the family status as shown in the following paragraph:

  • Single
  • You are married and your spouse is not a US citizen or is not a permanent resident of the United States of America.
  • Married and your spouse is a US citizen or legal resident of the United States of America;
  • divorced.
  • widower(s).
  • Legally separated and legal separation takes place when waiting for the court’s ruling on divorce and the spouses live separately (there is no legal separation in some Arab countries and it cannot be proven).

15- Number of children:

This is the last stage, and the applicant will have to specify the number of his children (if any):

  • inclusion of surviving children and legally adopted surviving children.
  • All unmarried children, children of the wife or husband, who are under the age of 21 (up to the date of registration.
  • request), even if you are no longer married and even if the child does not reside with you or will not migrate with you.
  • If you do not have children, you must type 0 as shown in the image below.

Click on the “Continue” button, where you will be taken to a new page that allows you to review all the information that you have filled in and fix the errors that you may have made in the registration, then press the “Continue” button to access the final page that proves that your registration was successful.

Finally, you must print or download this page in order to keep the code that you will get, which you need on the day the results are announced to know whether you won the random lottery or not.

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