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How Can I Move To The US From The UK In 10 Steps?

If you’re thinking about how to move from the UK to the US, you probably have a lot more on your mind than the deliciously subtle differences between chips and crisps, or cookies and biscuits! Even though there are many parallels between the two destinations, a permanent move to a new country is a much bigger undertaking than a short-term visit or a long-term stay.

We pledge allegiance to cheap fast food and the politicization of everything.

As you weigh your options, you may be wondering if it really is difficult to immigrate from the UK to the US. As you might expect, the answers to this question will vary depending on what you’ll be doing in the US, what you’ll be bringing with you, and what you already have in place, but all of your concerns may be resolved through thoughtful preparation.

As with anything, the best way to plan for a successful move is to make sure you’ve done your research and come up with the best plan of action to make the process as efficient and enjoyable as possible.

Is it difficult to immigrate from UK to USA?

Moving from one country to another comes with some challenges, but there are clear benefits to moving from the UK to the US. First, there may be some minor language differences related to word usage (remember to ask for explanations if someone asks you to put something in a bin), but the dominant language spoken and used in both countries is English, so adjusting to your new home will be that much easier.

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You probably already know that there are bigger concerns, like which side of the road you’ll need to check when crossing the street, and there are also smaller details of everyday life, like what someone means. who says he’s going to see a football game.

There are also some other interesting cultural differences that might take some getting used to, like tipping the bartender, what it means to order “normal” coffee, or getting used to this which may seem like excessive everyday patriotism in the form of a large number of American flags. However, the culture is still similar enough that most of these things will strike you as odd at best, but not unsettling.
Yes, patriotism has found its way into many aspects of American life.

Despite these similarities, there are of course exceptions to these parallels. For example, after moving from the UK to the US, you may be shocked by US healthcare costs and US prescription drug prices, especially after you have done part of the National Health Service.

But these are all things to deal with after you arrive. In truth, if you’re wondering how to move from the UK to the US, the biggest challenge will be figuring out what you need to do before you get there (and how to ship all your stuff!). There are all sorts of advice from UK ex-pats who’ve been there before, and there are even government-sponsored online guides to make it easier for you.

Regardless of your current level of preparedness, the list below should help you check whether you are ready to move from the UK to the US and become a resident of the red, white and blue country!

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How Can I Move To The US From The Uk?

1. Research international travel security:

If you’re thinking of moving from the UK to the US, the best place to start is to be aware of current concerns about international travel. Before making your plans, check for the most up-to-date information and check the UK government website for advice on travel to the US and information provided by the US Embassy in the UK regarding requirements current. This way you can be sure that your information is up to date.

2. Get your UK affairs in order first:

We know you’re excited, but don’t forget all the little details that moving abroad entails!

Before going abroad, if you live in the United Kingdom, you will need to take certain steps, such as notifying your town hall and providing them with a forwarding address, informing the authorities in charge of benefits or pensions (if applicable), contacting the organizations that manage your student loans (if you have any) and inform the tax authorities. A full list is available on the UK government’s website for overseas moves, so be sure to check it out!

3. Get the right type of visa for your projects:

There are three types of visas you can get when moving from the UK to the US. If you are moving from the UK to the US to receive a job offer, the easiest option is the sponsored work visa. If you have skills that are in demand, you can apply for a work visa. And if you have family in the United States, the family visa is probably for you. Remember that the visa application process can take time, so think about it carefully.

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4. Consider more permanent options:

If you know that you are considering making the move from the UK to the US more permanent, you will want to investigate greencard options and follow these suggestions on transferring your benefits and managing your various accounts.

If this is your plan, remember that you will want to keep your passport up to date and keep your records in the UK until you formalise the permanent change, especially if you choose to retain dual nationality.

5. Think about your transport:

Your UK driving licence will not be converted in the US, so if you plan to move to the US from the UK as a driver, you will need to plan to take a test in the state in which you will take up residence, as there are no national licences in the US and each state has different traffic rules.

And, if you plan to bring your car, make sure you use a reputable company, such as Autoshippers, who can handle all the details so you can concentrate on your move.

6. Don’t forget your four-legged family:

If you’re moving to the US from the UK, you can’t do it without your precious pet. Requirements usually include your pet’s microchip, proof of all vaccinations (including rabies) and a health and flight fitness check from a local vet.

And whether you plan to bring Fluffy, Fido or your fish, you can find all the specific requirements, including prohibitions and quarantine information, on the CDC website.

7. Get the necessary medical and insurance coverage:

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Whether it’s medical travel insurance for the trip or the legality of your medications and prescriptions you hope to bring with you when you move to the U.S. from the U.K., make sure the overseas travel insurance you have is adequate for the location and duration of your trip. your stay.

As mentioned earlier, health insurance coverage in the US is very different to what you are used to with the NHS, and it is very important that you plan accordingly.

8. Find the right house for you:

There are so many different places you could choose to call home when you move to the US from the UK. You can rent, buy or hire purchase. There are some markets where meagre square footage can cost thousands of dollars, and others where whole houses can be rented for much, much less. If you choose to buy a home in the United States, there are some useful resources for you. Remember that within each community, as with any other concern, research is essential.

Think strategically about moving all your stuff:

Once you are ready to start packing and you have gone through the details of how to move to the US from the UK, it is time to move your stuff. Once you know exactly where you’re moving to and where you’re staying, you need someone you can trust to deliver your stuff safely. Companies like 1st Move International are experts and will be able to build custom pallets for all your items so you can enjoy the process with minimal stress and worry.

10. Don’t forget all the other details:

Whether it’s opening a bank account, meeting new people, resolving tax issues or voting in the UK while you’re abroad, when moving from the UK to the US you’ll want to keep a checklist of the super important (even transitional) links to your personal and professional life that need your attention. The opportunities that await you in the US will be that much richer, more enjoyable and more rewarding if you keep planning ahead.

Is moving from the UK to the US the next step for you?

While only you can decide what’s best for you if you’re looking to start a new chapter or pursue additional opportunities without straying too far from the things you know, then moving to the US from the UK could be the perfect solution for you. Whether you’re following a job or simply picking up a map and choosing a location to try, your next adventure awaits!

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