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Here are the worst destinations to live and work abroad in 2021

The annual study Expat Insider conducted this year by InterNations, an international network of expatriates, has just revealed which were the best and the worst destinations to live and work abroad. To draw these conclusions, the company surveyed 12,420 working people living in 59 different countries. Participants were asked to rate different aspects of their life abroad on a scale of 1 to 7.

These criteria included quality of life, integration into the country, professional opportunities, their remuneration and the cost of living there. This year, Taiwan, Mexico, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Portugal, New Zealand, Australia, Ecuador, Canada and Vietnam topped the list of places to live and work. Here are the countries which, on the contrary, did not satisfy expatriates.

10. Malta

Valletta, capital of the island. Pixabay

The first negative point of the island according to the workers lies in its quality of life which “leaves something to be desired”. According to the study, Malta is ranked 50th out of 59 countries rated by expats. Its quality of life and its public transport offer is the least well rated in the analysis. “There is no green space, no trees, few facilities for children, too many traffic jams and pollution,” said an Italian professional. Among other issues raised by theExpat Insider, sanitation and water distribution infrastructure criticized by 25% of respondents, as well as air quality. The positive points ? The climate and the weather appreciated by 92% of the participants.

9. India

New Delhi. wikimedia commons

The expatriates judged that India’s biggest disadvantage was again linked to the quality of life: the pollution of its rivers and the far too high CO2 emissions were singled out in 67% of cases. The same goes for its very underdeveloped sanitation infrastructure. Many people also said they felt unsafe in India, partly because of its political instability (71%).

8. Turkey

Istanbul Pixabay

“In Turkey, it is very difficult to obtain a work visa”, says an English expatriate. According to InterNation, Turkey scores poorly in just about every rating category. At least 30% of workers said they were disappointed with their working hours, the job they found and job security in the country.

7. Cyprus

Kyrenia Old Town Pixabay

It may seem unthinkable to you to refuse a transfer to this Greek-Turkish island with its heavenly beaches. But difficult to live without professional opportunities and with a salary that is too low. This is what foreigners in Cyprus complain about in about 30% of cases. “I struggled to find work and couldn’t afford to pay for my studies or support myself,” said a Nepalese expatriate quoted in the study.

6. Japan

Tokyo Pixabay

Japan ranks 54th out of 59 of the world’s worst places to live and work in 2021. Foreigners in the Land of the Rising Sun have generally struggled to feel at home, fit in and adapt to his culture. On the other hand, the Japanese archipelago is in 21st position in the “quality of life” category, with expatriates having appreciated the cleanliness, safety and calm of the country. “In Japan, the crime rate is particularly low, you can walk down the street at any time, nothing will happen to you,” remarks a Brazilian.

5. Egypt

Cairo. Flickr

Egypt is also among the countries with the worst quality of life. Air pollution and the country’s sanitation systems put off 38 and 49 percent of respondents, respectively. In addition, around 3 out of 5 expatriates explained that they had not found a broadband internet connection, an essential criterion.

4. Russia

Saint Petersburg in Russia. Pixabay

Expatriates quoted in the study pointed to the country’s lack of involvement in environmental matters, with air pollution considered bad by 20% of foreign workers. “The government is not making an effort to reduce CO2 emissions in the country or to encourage its inhabitants to recycle”, confides an American. The language barrier was a hindrance for most expatriates. About two-thirds of respondents found it difficult to learn Russian, although in some cities it is the only language spoken.

3. South Africa

Johannesburg. wikimedia commons

With one of the highest crime rates in the world, South Africa is the country that comes last in the ranking of the “Safety” category of the InterNations study. According to the data, only one in four expats feels protected there. While 95% of respondents appreciate its natural wonders and varied landscapes.

2. Italy

Rome Pixabay

The classification of the Boot may surprise. But she is part of the black list of expatriates, in 58th position. In question ? 30% of participants say they have low purchasing power and more than half of them have missed career opportunities. Broadband internet connections are also often inaccessible according to the study: 23% complained.

1. Kuwait

Kuwait City. Flickr

For the seventh time in eight years, Kuwait is considered the worst destination in which to live and work this year. 30% of expatriates surveyed admitted to being unhappy there and lamented the lack of leisure. Another criticism: the difficulty of integrating into the country. 36% of them found the Kuwaitis hostile.

This article originally appeared on Business Insider France

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