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Greece seduces foreign students

A popular destination for tourists from all over the world, Greece is making considerable efforts to attract foreign students. Study in Greece provides you with a recap of the many actions implemented and presents the testimony of Amandine, student in Master 1 FLE (French as a Foreign Language) at the University of Patras.

Two ambitious programs to promote international educational exchanges

In order to become a preferred destination for foreign students, the Greek university system is constantly developing its international partnerships, particularly with the United States and Great Britain.

Focus on the partnership between Greek and American universities

The International Academic Partnership Program (IAPP) is a partnership intended to foster collaboration between Greek and American universities. This ambitious program aims to promote…

  • the creation of joint training courses and dual degrees;
  • the participation of international students in summer programs in foreign languages;
  • the international mobility of American and Greek students, but also of professors and researchers.

This program aims to develop at high speed the internationalization, already started, of the Greek academic system. Moreover, 29 prestigious American universities are involved in the success of this strategic partnership.

A recent partnership between the Greek and British academic systems

On March 21, 2021, a conference held jointly by the United Kingdom and Greece testified to the efforts of the Greek university system to encourage the international influence of Hellenic universities.

Thanks to this partnership promoted by the British Embassy in Athens and the Hellenic Ministry of Education, Greek and British universities are led to create university courses jointly. Result: Greek and British students will be able to obtain a diploma whose value will be recognized in both countries.

This partnership constitutes a “win-win” agreement from the point of view of the mobility of foreign students. On the one hand, Greek students leaving for Great Britain will be able to benefit from the quality of the British university system. On the other hand, British students will have the possibility of following all or part of their studies in Greece, while benefiting from an exceptional study environment and a lower cost of living.

More than just a formal agreement, the partnership is already taking a promising turn since 61 British universities have expressed their interest in collaborating with Greek universities.

On the Greek side, the Secretary General for Higher Education of the Ministry of Education, Apostolos Dimitropoulos, said that many Greek universities wanted to expand their training offer by creating courses taught entirely in English. This mobilization aims to increase the number of bachelor’s and master’s degrees taught in English from 140 to 200 by 2024.

Study in Greece: a driving force in the internationalization of Greek universities

Studying abroad brings its share of questions. To respond to this, Greece has set up a unique information portal that centralizes all the relevant information that each student needs: Study in Greece (SiG). All aspects of student life in Greece are covered: presentation of training courses, scholarships, accommodation, transport, cultural activities, etc.

A real vehicle for the internationalization of Greece, the SiG highlights the great wealth of programs taught in English. More than an informative portal, it is an organization that multiplies initiatives to create links between the Greek and international academic communities, in all fields of study. Concretely, here are some examples of actions carried out by the organization Study in Greece:

  • Participation in international forums on education.
  • Organization of conferences and educational workshops for foreign students, professors and researchers.

Beyond the classic training courses, the Study in Greece organization has shown great ingenuity in setting up short programs for foreign students.

For the latter, these courses centered on innovation constitute an excellent opportunity to expand their knowledge in many fields of study while benefiting from an atypical experience of education through immersion. For example, an intensive three-week seminar offers foreign students the opportunity to follow an experienced archaeologist to meet the Roma community and its cultural heritage. A great opportunity to discover the reality on the ground!

A partnership between the universities of Boston and Athens allows all students to follow an intensive one-month summer program. Participants have the chance to take language courses (in Greek) in cultural places that make the charm of the country, such as the Temple of Poseidon, at Cape Sounion, the historic town of Nafplio or the mythical site of Delphi.

With the support of Study in Greece, three Greek universities (Macedonia, Harokopio and Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences) collaborate with Goldsmiths University of London to organize a week-long summer program. Participants, accommodated in a hostel near the Acropolis, will attend lectures and seminars given by experts in European and international issues, namely:

  • The refugee crisis approached from a humanitarian point of view.
  • Human rights and national security.
  • The impact of populism on European democratic values ​​(Brexit, Grexit…).

“Dare and go for it”: the testimony of Amandine, a student in Greece

Amandine, a first-year master’s student in FLE (French as a Foreign Language) at the University of Patras, capital of the Peloponnese, tells us about her experience of Greek student life.

Having left for a year, she lists some highlights of her experience: “The positive aspects are discovering a new country, a new culture, a new language… and I would even say several cultures, because with Erasmus+, you meet people from all over Europe and even beyond. The landscapes in Greece are magnificent and the country has a rich culture just waiting to be known. »

As far as the cost of living is concerned, the University of Patras is an example, since “the university canteen is free, lunch and dinner, for all”, says the young woman.

Drawing on her experience, Amandine gives some recommendations to students who wish to get started: “Don’t hesitate any longer, dare and go for it! Greece is full of treasures (landscapes, archeology, food…). Of course, at the beginning, there is a certain period of adaptation. The advice I could give regarding local education is to make sure that the university you are going to study at offers courses in English, not just Greek. » Relevant feedback to study in the best conditions!

Relying on an immense cultural heritage and an exceptional living environment, Greece is multiplying its actions to become a major academic destination. This proactive policy has already borne fruit: in 2019, the universities of Athens and Thessaloniki appeared in the ranking of the best universities in the world. And that’s just the beginning…

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