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Going to study in Montreal, Quebec

Photo credit: © Stéphan Poulin – Tourisme Montréal

Why choose Montreal and Quebec for higher education?

Montreal is the best student City of the Americas (tied with Boston) and 9th in the world, according to the most recent QS Best Student Cities ranking. Such a result is easily explained according to Mathieu Lefort, Senior Director – International Talents at Montréal International. “In Montreal, we find an exceptional quality of life. The cost of living is more affordable than in most other major centers such as New York and Boston, in particular because of the price of rents. Greater Montreal is a safe metropolis on a human scale, where everyone can find their account. »

Where to study in Canada? A diversified and affordable training offer in Montreal

Whether more than 50,000 international students rub shoulders there, it is also because tuition fees are the lowest in North America, and it is possible to choose a French-speaking, English-speaking or bilingual university. Furthermore, the scholarship rights for French students who wish to study at the technical and professional level (equivalent to BTS/IUT and CAP in France) are covered under an agreement between France and Quebec. The student therefore does not have to pay the costs associated with tuition for these programs.

” The quality of the offer and his diversity are two other reasons that lead French students to choose the metropolis of Montrealcompletes Mathieu Lefort. It has no fewer than twelve of the most prestigious university establishments in the world, 60 general and vocational colleges (Cégeps) and private colleges, as well as some fifty vocational training centres. Everyone can find the course that suits them. »

There are high-calibre establishments in Greater Montreal, including HEC Montreal, Polytechnique Montreal, Concordia University, University of Montreal, McGill University, and a campus of the University of Sherbrooke, in particular. Among the training offered, we find in the fields of health, virtual reality, AI, video games, aerospace and health technologies. More than 1.4 million positions are to be filled in Quebec for the period 2017 to 2026, according to an analysis by Montréal International.

Also to know, Canadian credentials are recognized in the whole world. The 1st cycle (Baccalauréat) is equivalent to the License (Bac+3); the 2nd cycle (master’s degree) is equivalent to the Master’s degree (Bac+5); finally the 3rd cycle (doctorate) is equivalent to the Doctorate (Bac+8).

Where to find the right information for studying abroad

Which program matches your interests? What visas or permits are required to carry out your study project in Greater Montreal? Many organizations are willing to support students in their procedures of immigrants.

First, in order to learn more about student life in Montreal, the I choose Montreal websitedeveloped by Montréal International in collaboration with the Government of Québec, offers a wide range ofinformation about studies, social life, work and immigration in the metropolis. You will find the Connexion Études platform there, which allows candidates to find out about study programs according to their interests.

After being admitted to a study establishment, candidates who will stay in Québec for more than six months must complete a application for a Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) for studies as well as a study permit. Do not hesitate to ask the advisers of Montréal International who can direct you to the right resources to carry out your study project, a structuring and motivating experience!

Do you want to study in Montreal, Quebec?

Be kept informed of current studies by completing the following information

Montreal/Quebec: is it possible to work while studying?

Yes. Under certain conditions, the study permit authorizes you to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week and full time during school holidays. This is a great opportunity to enhance your CV while increasing your budget in order to take full advantage of dynamic Montreal life. Once graduated, you can apply for a work permit valid for 3 years. Good to know : I choose Montreal also helps international students find a job during and/or after their studies.

I want to study in Montreal Quebec

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