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Going abroad during your university studies – Université de Montréal

At the Université de Montréal, we are convinced that travel trains young people – just like the less young, for that matter. To enable you to benefit from the many benefits of a student mobility experience, UdeM offers its students many opportunities to go abroad.

Why go abroad?

Going abroad during your studies is a unique opportunity to open up to the world, to acquire new language skills and to develop your autonomy. “Openness to the world makes us better professionals and better people,” says Julia, a Brazilian graduate from UdeM who did an internship in the United States. Mathilde, student mobility advisor and UdeM graduate who did an exchange in Madrid, notes the fact that she has become trilingual. “I learned to trust myself more and to listen to myself better,” she adds.

How to go abroad while studying at UdeM?

If travel calls to you during your studies, know that UdeM offers several ways to make your dream come true. University exchange, internship or research internship, there is necessarily a formula that suits you.

University exchange

The university exchange is without doubt the best-known program for future students. It allows you to go and study for one or two semesters in a foreign partner establishment. If you opt for an exchange, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to finding your destination. In fact, UdeM has forged partnerships all over the world. Really everywhere. To realize this, do not hesitate to take a look at the directory of agreements. Mathilde, for example, went to Spain during her studies. Pascal-Olivier, a philosophy student, was able to explore Colombia. As for Charles, he is about to fly to Japan!


Internship is another good way to gain experience and skills abroad. This is a practical stay in a professional environment. For example, Julia completed an internship at the UN headquarters in New York during her master’s degree. This is a unique chance to improve your CV even before you graduate.

Research stay

The research stay is an international mobility carried out with a view to advancing one’s research leading to the writing of a dissertation or a thesis (proceed to collect data, conduct interviews, work in the field). Its duration can be variable, without having to respect the dates of a quarter.

How to proceed to leave?

Inquire with the Office for stays outside Québec

Want to embark on the adventure? Be aware that such a project does not materialize overnight and requires good preparation. The first step is to contact the Office for study trips outside Québec, which will be there to support you from the beginning to the end of your experience.

This service, specially geared towards student mobility, will help you establish your study plan and find funding. Because the budget is one of the essential aspects of the success of your project. If there are several scholarships available depending on the type of mobility you are aiming for, you will still have to prepare applications. Note that international students may also be eligible for some of these scholarships.

Check the admission criteria for the program in question

So, can everyone leave? Yes, as long as you meet the admission criteria for the exchange or internship program.

These criteria include the number of credits validated before departure and the cumulative average. Bachelor’s students must have completed and passed at least 24 credits in the program in which they are registered at UdeM and have a cumulative average equal to or greater than 2.7/4.3 when submitting their application.

Students at the 2e and 3e cycles must have completed and passed 6 credits of which at least one course is graded and have a cumulative average of 3.2/4.3 at the time of departure.

Other requirements apply in addition to these, in particular those of the department where your registration was made. Get well informed!

We hope this article will help you see things more clearly. Do not hesitate to send us a postcard when you have reached your destination!


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