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Gap year: many possibilities are open to you

The answers to your Parcoursup wishes have been falling little by little since June. Despite good results in the baccalaureate, you have no registration for next year? Not ready to go to college? Don’t know what you want to do? Didn’t get the training you wanted?

No worries ! Be aware that it is sometimes useful to take a break from your studies by taking, for example, a gap year, or to do training through a route other than Parcoursup!

What is a caesura?

A caesura is a strategic break in a student or professional course, with the aim of getting to know each other better and gaining experience. It can be positioned between the BAC and higher education or even during these studies and is, in general, for a period of 6 or 12 months.

Please note, this break is not a way to take a vacation, you will still have student or professional status during this one, and you must remain active.

What options are available to you?

Taking a break can allow you to explore different paths:

Professional experiences

Most of the time, gap year students prefer to do an internship, to discover the professional world. It’s a good way to improve your CV to have more professional opportunities in the future, it’s also a way to discover a profession or a business sector, to know what you would like to study or what job we might like later.

If you don’t want to be too hasty, finding a company near you that offers internships or work contracts can help you stay in a familiar setting.

On the contrary, if you want to take off, it is quite possible to look for internship offers abroad. Some students sometimes leave France to take language lessons and find themselves working there. You should know that some countries welcome more young workers than others: Canada, Australia, and the countries of the European Union for example. On the other hand, it will be more difficult (but not impossible) for you to work in the USA or the United Kingdom for VISA issues.

Some students go abroad with the language course + guaranteed job formulas, which will give them the assurance of finding a job abroad.

Language travel

The other large majority of students want to take advantage of this personal moment to discover life abroad. Some will do an internship, others will learn a new language or improve their level during a language stay.

Having become essential in working life, proficiency in English materializes on a CV thanks to certifications such as IELTS, TOEFL or TOEIC. This is why most language travel organizations offer to take these certifications.

Volunteering and civic service (association volunteering)

Committing to a cause is also quite common during a gap year. Many young people want to give their time, but do not have enough when they are on the benches of the university… This is why the caesura is the best time to get involved in a local association or abroad, or to carry out their civic service. Some even go abroad to do humanitarian work!

It is also possible to combine studies and volunteering abroad: some organizations offer to learn a language in another country, while giving time to preserve turtles in Costa Rica or to carry out social projects in South Africa. South.

au pair

Going as an au pair or young au pair during a break is an opportunity for many young people to discover a new country. This allows you to live abroad, possibly take a few lessons there, while being fed, housed and (a little) paid! Keep in mind, however, that the status of Au Pair is not the most valued by recruiters, compared to an internship, a language stay or a job abroad.

Develop an entrepreneurial or associative project

Taking a strategic break can help develop entrepreneurial or even associative projects.

Set up a business, create an association, take over an old one, set up a new project… So many reasons to become professional while gaining great autonomy and a lot of credibility with employers.

Complete a personal challenge

Finally, the caesura can be a way to achieve personal projects, dreams, while earning points from school or company recruiters. Some dream of climbing Everest, others want to go around the world with a backpack, or even cross the Sahara desert on foot, sometimes participate in the 4L Trophy… Depending on your project, your organization, your motivation and your way of translating it all into acquired professional skills, these personal accomplishments can be used to build your career and forge yourself personally.

There are many solutions outside of Parcoursup! The gap year is never a wasted year. It is sometimes good to take a step back before diving into higher education!

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