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Finding work in Australia: the sectors that recruit WHVs in the region

If Australia is eager for labor in the city, it is even more so in the regions. Seasonal work finds few candidates among the Australian population and these rarely correspond with the holidays of local students.

So you will find a lot of opportunities. Nevertheless, be vigilant about what you are offered such as: working conditions, accommodation and remuneration. As everywhere, you will find unscrupulous employers trying to take advantage of workers whose knowledge of the market and local law is limited.

Australia is as big as Europe. Western Australia, the largest state, is 4 times the size of France but only has a little more than the equivalent of the population of Paris (the majority of the population being in Perth). So make sure you always have a solution to start again or bounce back if necessary.

This is valid in the city, but also and especially in the countryside where you could find yourself isolated and really away from it all. The distances are much greater than we imagine.

Here are some of the most popular areas in the region to consider during your “working holiday” in Australia.

Agricultural work

Main regions : Western Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory, South Australia and northern Queensland, as well as the regions of Victoria and New South Wales.

Season : all year round, different harvest seasons depending on the region.

If you came to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa (WHV), you may find that one year is not enough. By doing specific work in certain parts of the country, you can apply for an additional year in Australia. This is why farm work, fruit picking and farming jobs are so popular among backpackers.

Australia is full of farms where you can find everything from avocados to apples. With the closure of the borders, these have lacked fruit pickers/harvesters. A fantastic opportunity for active holidaymakers willing to complete the three months of work required to stay an extra year while being paid and housed.

You can track the different harvest seasons across Australia, some crops have shorter seasons than others. Check out the Harvest Trail’s interactive map to see when and where different crops are harvested.

Want to harvest in one of Australia’s beautiful wine regions? Work between February and April in Western Australia / South Australia / Victoria. Set up shop in Cairns, the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, to pick mangoes from November to February.

To work on a farm during the winter months (June to August), go to South Australia to pick oranges, Western Australia to pick bananas, or the Northern Territory to pick wildflowers and citrus fruits. The list is long…



Main regions : all the tourist centers and also the main roads.

Season : all year depending on region and season.

With so many different destinations to explore, visitors from all over the world come to Australia all year round. Jobs in the tourism industry are very varied (taking reservations for a tour company, driving customers or even leading a tour yourself…). You can also check out our previous articles covering the hospitality industry.

Housekeeping – Housekeeper

Housekeeping is a popular job among backpackers and working holidaymakers, as it often provides free accommodation in some of Australia’s most stunning destinations, from the lush rainforest of Daintree to the scenic waters of Margaret River. .

Housekeepers (hotels and hostels) are paid for their working hours and, in some cases, can negotiate a few hours a week for free accommodation. This lets you explore bustling seaside towns and big cities for less or popular regions usually very expensive.

Skipper and Sailor (Deckhand)

With so many stunning aquatic destinations, working as a seaman is a popular choice for those with sea legs. Also consider looking for open positions on a yacht or catamaran in some of Australia’s most popular sailing areas, where cruises operate year-round.

Work in the fishing sector

Peach and Pearls

Main regions : The coasts for fishing, Broome in Western Australia and Tropical North Queensland for pearls.

Season : all year round for fishing, from April to October for pearls.

If you prefer being on the high seas, a job in the fishing or pearling industry might be perfect for you. You’ll find fishing jobs off the coast of almost every Australian state, and you don’t need any special skills to apply. Since Australia offers a wide variety of fish, seafood and shellfish, you are likely to find fishing boats operating year-round in different parts of the country.

Find work

Find work

Do not hesitate to consult job search sites such as Seek, Indeed… There are also specialized sites for backpackers. Above all, do not limit yourself to the offers displayed in youth hostels.



Although it’s not a paid job, volunteering allows you to learn valuable skills and get involved in a cause you’re passionate about. Plus, volunteering can take you to places you never imagined. Help rehabilitate Australian wildlife at a Queensland sanctuary, conserve diverse ecosystems in Western Australia or volunteer at an organic farm in exchange for room and board.

There are over 1,500 registered farms across the country actively seeking young travellers. They require between 4-6 hours a day, 5 days a week. In return, you’ll learn new skills like milking a cow, growing organic vegetables, and driving a combine harvester! The WWOOF Australia site is a mine of information.

Whichever opportunity you choose, you will come away not only with marketable skills, but also with an in-depth knowledge of the people, places and wildlife that make Australia so special.

Make sure your employer provides you with insurance when you do your volunteer work.

It only remains for me to wish you good luck and to spend one or more wonderful years in Australia.

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