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FIFA 23 presents a trailer, a release date and confirms the new cross-play and the two World Cups.

EA wants to make its latest FIFA as special as possible this fall on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Stadia.

The countdown to FIFA 23 has begun, and EA Sports revealed a number of details this afternoon about its latest FIFA, the first wave of which involves the… Cross PlayThe two World Cups that will be present in the game, women’s football and HyperMotion 2, the new game technology. But before we dive into the game, the football simulator shares a trailer and release date.

Developed by EA Vancouver and EA Romania, FIFA 23 will be available in stores on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Stadia on September 30, with three-day early access for those who purchase the Ultimate Edition. .

EA Sports wants to deliver the most advanced, realistic and comprehensive FIFA ever.At this time, we cannot give many more details regarding HyperMotion 2 -But it’s the new gameplay technology that adds new features to the FIFA experience, making the next edition of the game a real hit. “the most realistic in history”.according to EA Sports. This translates into the promise of more responsive, intelligent, and authentic player and team movements. In addition, work has also been done on a new smart dribbling system, more natural and smoother transition to shooting, all-new acceleration mechanics, greater player awareness, and more.

Women’s football and the two World Cups

What we can detail for you are the two world championships that will be present, the women’s teams. The developer warns that we are facing the biggest FIFA in history, and that in addition to women’s teams, the following will be present two World Cups which will take place during the lifetime of the game. The first will be the Men’s World Cup in Qatar, which begins on November 21, and the Women’s World Cup will be played in Australia and New Zealand from July 20, 2023. Both competitions will arrive as free DLC with an update after the game is released.

Women’s teams will feature prominently in the game, with the Barclays Women’s Super League and Division 1 Arkema, the biggest women’s football competitions in England and France, being added as an added attraction. Finally, and thanks to HyperMotion 2 once again, work has been done to integrate brand new animations based on real player movements..

Picture of FIFA 23

All of these factors combined have made this edition the greatest FIFA of all time, and it looks like we’ve got plenty to drink in terms of content. In fact, they guarantee the most comprehensive game modes in franchise history, with more than 19,000 players in more than 700 teams in over 100 stadiums and more than 30 leagues, including LaLiga Santander and the Premier League, as well as the UEFA Champions League and all other European competitions.

EA Sports has been working on a variety of advancements and innovations in Career Mode, Pro Clubs, Table Soccer, FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, although more in-depth information on these will have to wait for future events. It was a question of training centerThe Training Center is designed to make it easy for you to learn the fundamentals of the game and hone your skills before heading into a match.

Cross-play will have its turn in FIFA 23

The most interesting detail of this first wave of information concerns cross-play, namely that the game will have a cross-play system, although it will come with a data exchange system. his limits. Yes, there will be cross-play, but only between versions using the same game engine. What does this mean? The following :

  • Cross-Play between PS5, Xbox Series and PC versions.
  • Cross-Play between Xbox One and PS4 versions.
Picture of FIFA 23

nintendo-switchas always, it stands alone, and the Legacy Edition has its limitations. Another detail that you have already been able to deduce is that on this occasion the PC version will be next-gen, as EA itself has already confirmed.

Finally, cross-play will only be available as part of the 1vs1 modesleaving aside offers such as pro clubs. For this July 27, those interested in the simulator have a tape to dive into Hypermotion and other game features. Career mode (August 1), Match Experience (August 5), Club Pro mode and Volta (8 August) and FIFA Ultimate Team (August 11) will be covered later. But in the meantime, remember: FIFA 23 will launch on September 30.

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