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Excellence-Major scholarships: 30 years, 4000 scholarship holders and everything goes BEM!

A birthday is something to celebrate, reunions too. Under the golds of the Senate, the exit ceremony for Excellence-Major 2022 scholarship holders was an opportunity to celebrate the last beneficiaries of this scholarship, after three years of forced isolation, but also the 30th anniversary of a program that has supported thousands of students.

“I work in a startup, and you? Here is what we could hear in the ranks of the Excellence-Major scholarship holders before the start of the Exit Ceremony, this July 8, 2022, in the magnificent Boffrand salons of the Luxembourg Palace. This first ceremony since the hiatus imposed in 2019 by the global pandemic, highlighted the paths of these students who make French culture shine around the world.

We are counting on you to promote the values ​​and principles of our French education abroad
Anne Genetet, MP for the 11th constituency of French nationals living abroad

Being an Excellence-Major scholarship holder: an honor but also a duty

Under the patronage of Christian Chambon, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs, Defense and Armed Forces Committee and in the presence of parliamentarians Samantha Cazebonne, Jean-Yves Leconte, Marc Ferracci and Anne Genetet, this beautiful ceremony was able to honor the hundred laureates, of 40 different nationalities, brought together, not without excitement, for the occasion. The message was clear: congratulations to all, but we are counting on you! As summarized by Samantha Cazebonne, senator for the French living outside France: “Help us to be those who bring this French education abroad”. Anne Genetet, MP for the 11th constituency of French people living abroad agrees: “we are counting on you to promote the values ​​and principles of our French education abroad”.

Whether through their own network, via the Agora platform or the Union-ALFM, scholarship holders at the end of their school career were invited to share their experience, to help future alumni but above all to participate in the influence of France in the world. ‘international.

These young people are promised a bright future
Matthieu Peyraud, director of the culture, education, research and network network department of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs

30 years for the Excellence-Major Scholarships

Launched in 1992, the Excellence-Major scholarships have helped more than 4,000 international students from French secondary schools in the network of the Agency for French Education Abroad to benefit from higher education in France. A budget of 7 million euros per year is released and benefits a thousand scholarship holders who are currently studying in France, including 180 new winners. “These young people are promised a bright future”, underlined Matthieu Peyraud, director of the department of culture, education, research and the network of the network of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs. Before recalling, that these students – ” the best “ “are proof of the excellence of French education abroad”. Their success is counted in the number of diplomas obtained – from all sectors – but also in their integration in France, three quarters of them having chosen to work in France.

Olivier Brochet, director of the AEFE, during the graduation ceremony for the excellence-major 2022 scholarship holders

This ceremony also allowed Olivier Brochet, director of the AEFE to salute ” courage “ of those students who succeeded in their studies despite “difficult conditions”. The AEFE had also set up listening cells but also an emergency fund for around sixty scholarship holders in difficulty. “French education is more than sharing a language, it’s also a way of seeing the world and acting”, he pointed out.

Having an international background is a huge privilege
Aina Andremanisa, 2015 Excellence-Major Fellow

Changing the world, one scholar at a time

Acting for the planet, for more equality and for more meaning. This quest seems rooted in the Excellence-Major Fellows who spoke during the ceremony. Josette Khalaf, of Lebanese nationality, (class of 2012) has demonstrated that her international career has helped her to develop Relink Industries, the first platform to support manufacturers in the ecological transition: “You have to dare to take action to change the world”.

For Alissar Lévy from Brazil (class of 2018), graduate of the Charter School and founder of the Early Modern Book Project, “As a student, we can do much more than what is expected of us”.

Aina Andremanisa, of Malagasy origin (class of 2015) and co-founder of the Decacher podcast, insists thathaving an international background is a huge privilege but is essential to provide a global and coordinated response to current challenges”.

French-style excellence therefore has an ambition, to demonstrate that France, in its diversity of ambassadors, will have its place to play in the construction of a better future.

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