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EMPLOYMENT: What are the sectors that recruit the most French people in Florida?

Are you planning to move to Florida for your professional life, but you don’t really know which job to go to to get there? Here is a small list that will help you find your way.

Between wanting and being able, is there only one step? Except in the United States, unfortunately. Rather, the difference between intention and action would be called a gap. From abyss. Without American nationality, without a green card or a sponsored visa, finding a job on the other side of the Atlantic is a real obstacle course. Many expatriates will be able to confirm this version.

You only have to look at the facebook groups of French people in the United States to understand. It is impossible to land here with a one-year visa obtained on a form to be completed on the net as in Canada or Australia with the PVT. Nor is it a question of applying for a telework visa like in Bali, or simply crossing the border and submitting your CV like in Spain or Italy. In the USA, immigration is no joke.

How to obtain the right to work in Florida?

To work in the United States, two solutions:

If in case number 2, it takes money, a good idea, and an army of lawyers, in case number 1, the positive outcome is unfortunately far too often rare. Today, few companies take the risk of entering into the process of a sponsored visa for a foreign employee. Except for a few… And especially for the French!

Easily find a job by being French

The United States loves French know-how. Moreover, if immigration were not so strict, many cities would undoubtedly be dominated by the French community! And in particular the cities with flagship sectors. Here is the list.

Specialized engineering, the French favorites

If there is one area in which the French are eagerly awaited in the USA, it is this one. For them, France is a real supplier of quality brains. It must be said that French engineering schools have reason to be proud since their international reputation has nothing to envy.

Nurses and the health sector in general

Already lacking on a personal level in several hospitals for years, since Covid-19, the United States is currently facing a real shortage of nurses. This profession is moreover one of the 10 which will soon record a very strong increase in recruitment. Unfortunately, no US nationals are applying. Thus, hospitals find themselves obliged to recruit staff from all over the world.

Currently, the nursing profession in the United States is the one that brings you the best chance of coming to work in the territory. To achieve this, the diplomas differ according to the States. Contact the Board of Nursing of the state in which you wish to work.

Fashion and luxury, definition of France

France, Paris, the Parisian woman in general is associated with fashion. And professionals in the sector know it perfectly. And particularly in the USA where French fashion is seen as the holy grail. So, if you already have some experience in the field of luxury fashion, and you want to try your luck in New York or Los Angeles, you have a good chance of succeeding. Designer’s assistant, manager of a big house… It’s for you!

Finance, for more diversity

Very often, the French are sent directly to the USA by their company. But if not, you can find a position on your own. If Americans are real business persons, thanks in particular to the country’s major universities (Stanford, etc.), international banks are sometimes looking for people with different cultures and languages ​​to grow their clientele. It’s time to play!

Gastronomy and hospitality a no-brainer

This is obviously not a new thing, Americans and gastronomy, that makes two. As for good manners, let’s say that, holding the door or saying thank you are not in the codes. So, if you are a Frenchman, in this field, in the United States, you not only have every chance of being hired, but also of climbing the ladder quickly. See much more. Thus, for cooks with many experiences who do not wish to open their own establishment, apply anywhere, you have a good chance of being selected. The same goes for a young person coming out of a major hotel school.

French teacher, accent above all

Nothing replaces the accent of a real Frenchman. Many Americans are excellent French teachers. Spelling, explanations, learning method… On the other hand, for an accent to be the right one, nothing beats listening to a native speak. If you are French, with a training adapted to the profession, do not hesitate to apply in French schools and high schools in the USA, but also in high schools and universities. Everything can happen !

On September 2, 2022, Lisa, a former student in the USA who became a French teacher in a high school near Washington DC, will tell us about her journey on Instagram. To follow the live stream or watch the replay: @lepetitjournal_enfloride

IT and new technologies, the perfect job

French IT specialists are often highly sought after in American technology parks since they too often lack American talent. And if the number of H1B visas – the visa required to enter the territory and work in IT – is severely limited, there are still great opportunities in this sector.

Tourism and communication, a multicultural job

Americans are notorious for seeing no further than the end of their noses. And concerning the geography of the world, as well as the languages, this turns out to be very true. Outside the borders of America, and only those of the North, the other countries on the map are a real construction site. Likewise, apart from English, the average American does not know any other language. Not easy for a changing world that now has to work with Chinese, French, Spanish or even Arabic. So, in the tourism and communication professions, international companies seek to diversify the nationality and culture of their employees.

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