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Corgan Internship Grant Recipients Share Their Summer Experiences

As a modern leader in global and international education, the Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University prides itself on preparing students to tackle the world’s greatest challenges when they graduate. The Pardee School and Boston University have resources to help set students on a path that is meaningful and serves a purpose for the larger world; one such resource and a major initiative to provide graduate and undergraduate students with high-impact opportunities to advance their career goals is the Michael T. Corgan Internship Fund.

Established in 2021, the The first cycle of awards by the Corgan Fund was made for the summer of 2022. From Dubai to France to London, our students are taking their knowledge around the world to expand their worldview and further their career aspirations. The Pardee School caught up with some of the inaugural recipients of this award to discuss their career goals, the internships they’ve secured, and the impact of the Corgan Fund.

From the classroom to the workplace, the Pardee School supported its students’ career growth not only through the Corgan fund but informational events and advising. “I first learned how to find government internships and work opportunities by attending one of the ‘Pardee Works’ virtual event series hosted in Spring 2021,” said Fiona Captan (BA IR ’23). “When browsing around for an internship, I wanted to pursue an enriching opportunity that would give me insight into foreign affairs and diplomacy in the public sector.” Fiona, a recipient of the Corgan Fund award, will be interning for the United States Department of State at the US Embassy in London for the political section. “By participating in meetings with senior-level US Government and foreign government officials and drafting cables to be used by policymakers in furthering US foreign policy objectives, I hope to experience some of the diplomatic work and lifestyle conducted abroad.”

As mentioned, Fiona is not the only one of the inaugural Corgan Fund cohort whose internship will take them abroad; Seynedhee Avenie’s (BA IR ’24) will be working at the US Embassy in France, and Adelene Jeneid (BA IR ’24) will be at the US Embassy in Dubai. Sydney Dao (BA IR ’24) will be serving as a Policy Office Intern for the State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Opportunities like these are few and far between; however, costs can restrict access to internships, especially those outside the US The Corgan Internship Fund encourages the pursuit of these opportunities so students can further their career goals without unnecessary financial burdens.

“The Corgan Fund Grant allowed me to even consider this experience as an unpaid internship,” said Adelene. “Dubai is one of the most expensive cities in the world, so this grant gave me the opportunity to pursue it and have the means to travel. BU’s support in me taking the lessons out of the classroom and into the field means so much to me.”

“It is no secret that the various costs of an unpaid internship can add up, and while they can be great opportunities, they are even more enriching when they can be properly focused on and learned from,” Sydney commented. “The Corgan Fund stipend being available definitely encouraged me to pursue this unpaid internship because it offered the ability to engage even more thoroughly in this experience and opportunity without concern about the cost.”

Whether serving as a barometer for public service, a chance to advance their on-the-job skills, or a network-expanding opportunity, all this year’s Corgan recipients are aiming high and aspiring to do great things in the world after graduation. These kinds of opportunities are invaluable in forging one’s career path, and all the students we spoke with agree that their classmates should take advantage of the opportunities available while still at the Pardee School.

“I would hundred percent recommend other parties apply for the Corgan Internship Fund,” says Seynedhee. “It is a great way to increase diversity and opportunities for students from low-income families because there is no longer a trade-off between saving up for school in the summer and doing a career-changing internship that is in line with your interests and major.”

For more information on the Corgan Internship Fund, including eligibility and application instructions, visit the Fund’s webpage.

Corgan Internship Grant Recipients Share Their Summer Experiences


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