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Calculation of the amount of the 2022-2023 scholarship and payment dates

By Severine Burel – Updated July 29, 2022

Important Information : the “purchasing power” bill entered into discussion in parliament during the month of July 2022. This law provides for a 4% increase in the amount of the student grant. The law was passed by the deputies. We must now wait for it to be promulgated to come into force from the next school year.

The data in this article will be updated as soon as official information is published. Waiting, you can consult those initially planned for the year 2022-2023 later in this article.

The CROUS grant is financial aid based on social criteria. If you are eligible, the amount varies depending on family or household income of the applicant.

The aid ranges from 1,084 euros to 5,965 euros per year (up to 7,158 euros if your grant is maintained during major holidays). It is paid directly to the student at the beginning of the monthusually over a period of 10 months (from September to June).

The amount of the scholarship is determined mainly from the resources of the parents, i.e. the overall gross income for year N-2 (i.e. 2020 income for a 2022-2023 scholarship). In some cases, only the student’s resources will be taken into account.

In the event of a change of situation occurring between the time of the application and the N-2 tax declaration (loss of work, divorce, etc.), it is possible to take into account the year N-1 or even the current year. To find out more, see the conditions for awarding the student grant.

The scholarship scale (or scholarship level) is broken down into 8 parts ranging from 0 bis to 7 (0 bis represents the lowest aid and 7 the highest aid). To determine your level, you must:

  • First, calculate the number of points granted to you by the administration. In fact, depending on the composition of your household and the distance between your place of study and your place of residence, you obtain points (see below) which will be used to establish the amount of your grant.
  • Secondly, based on the number of points you have obtained and the resources of the tax household to which you are attached, refer to the table below to find out your scholarship level and therefore the annual amount of your scholarship. You can also carry out a simulation of the CROUS grant by clicking here.

In order to determine the amount of your scholarship, you must first: calculate the number of points to which you are entitled. To do this, simply add the points awarded according to the number of children in your tax household + the points linked to the distance between your place of residence and your place of study.

Points awarded based on household composition

  • Child (other than the candidate) subject to tax: 2 points per child.
  • Child (other than the candidate) subject to tax and studying in higher education (work-study or initial training): 4 points per child. If it is a start in the 1st year, the points will only be counted upon receipt of the school certificate.

Points awarded according to the distance between place of study / residence:

  • Less than 29 km: 0 points.
  • From 30 to 249 km: 1 point.
  • 250 km and more: 2 points.

Note that distance learning does not allow the attribution of points. By adding up your “charge points”, you will get a total that will allow you to determine your scholarship level ranging from 0 bis to 7 (see below).

To the total of “points to charge” that you have calculated There are several resource caps that determine which tier you belong to (see the table below). This level determines the annual amount of your scholarship.

The official information of the 2022-2023 scholarship has been announced. Here is the table of resource ceilings for levels from 0 bis to 7 depending on the points payable for the 2022-2023 academic year*:

*Source lé

Depending on your number of charging points, consult the resource ceiling corresponding to your situation.

It is the income of year N-2 that is taken into account (i.e. 2020 income for the 2022-2023 academic year). They are expressed in “RGB” on the table above, i.e. “Gross Global Income*”. They allow you to know your scholarship level.

For instance : if you have 2 dependent points and your household’s RGB income for year N-2 is 25,000 euros, you belong to level 1.

The annual grant granted for this level is 1,793 euros. To find out the right to the scholarship corresponding to your level, consult the table of amounts.

* What is Gross Total Income? It corresponds to the sum of income, benefits or gains received during a calendar year (salaries, pensions, property income, etc.). Consult all the explanations on this page

Finally, be aware that certain situations related to your family, such as the unemployment of a parent or a divorce, make it possible to request a review of the Crous grant.

What is the amount of the CROUS scholarship for 2022-2023?

The official amounts of the scholarship were announced during the month of July 2022. Thus the amounts below are those valid for the year 2022-2023.

Depending on your scholarship level and whether or not your scholarship is maintained during the long holiday period, assistance ranging from 1,084 euros to 7,158 euros per year is allocated to you.

Table of the amount of scholarships 2022-2023 according to levels 0 bis to 7 :

Echelon Annual amount over 10 months Annual amount if the scholarship is maintained during major university vacations
0a €1,084 1.301 €
1 1.793 € 2.152 €
2 2.701 € 3.241 €
3 3.458 € 4.150 €
4 4.217 € 5.060 €
5 4.842 € 5.810 €
6 5.136 € 6.163 €
7 5.965 € 7.158 €

To make a free online scholarship application simulation, you can go to the dedicated site at the following address:

We advise you to use this scholarship simulator before applying, so you can determine if you are eligible or not.

You will be asked for the composition and resources of the household. Bring your tax notice for year N-2. Depending on the items entered, the simulator calculates your number of “charge points”, your scale or step and the estimated amount of your scholarship.

Please note this is only a stock market simulation which cannot be used as an agreement.

You will then be able to apply for a scholarship (obligatorily on the internet). Within 15 days, you will be sent the paper file to check and send to the CROUS in your region with the supporting documents.

The application for a graduate scholarship is to be made each year. Renewal is not automatic and the student will only be able to receive it for a maximum of 7 years.

It is paid in 10 monthly installments, from September to June. The payment date of the CROUS grant may vary, but generally occurs at the beginning of the month. Check the scholarship payment dates.

However it is possible to maintain the scholarships during the summer, called “4th term “provided that the student is still in progress on the 1er July and is in one of the following situations:

  • Student in mainland France dependent on his parents residing overseas.
  • French student or student from a country of the European Economic Area dependent on his parents residing abroad (excluding European countries and countries bordering the Mediterranean where the student has the possibility of joining his family each year).
  • Student pupil of the State or orphan (of his 2 parents).
  • Refugee student: the situation of the parents does not allow him to be accommodated during the long holidays,
  • Student formerly beneficiary of child welfare measures (ASE) whose parents cannot accommodate him during the summer holidays.

Learn more about the social criteria scholarship:

For further, read the rest of the file dedicated to the CROUS higher education scholarship :

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