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Business studies: how about trying Universidad Europea?


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The Universidad Europea is renowned for its teaching with an international dimension in many fields, including commerce and business. It provides its students with excellence and openness to the world, essential qualities for access to trades.

Bachelors in Tourism, Commerce and International Relations

Universidad Europea’s business program includes several courses: international relations, the diploma in international management of tourism and leisure companies, business administration and international trade.

All these 4-year diplomas have one essential point in common: a business and international dimension. A total of 11 diplomas and double-diplomas are taught in English.

As a guarantee of excellence, the diplomas of the business program of the Universidad Europea are certified by the ACBSP (Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs). Moreover, students may be required to complete an internship in international institutions such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Central Bank (ECB).

At the end of these courses, students are sure to find a job quickly in many prestigious companies. 89% of students find a job less than a year after graduating!

The admission process at the Universidad Europea consists of submitting an application file and then taking psychotechnical tests and a motivational interview.

Bachelors in the commerce program are taken face-to-face or remotely. To find out the terms and conditions applicable to each course, it is advisable to inquire directly with the university services.

Training in an international and multicultural environment

The lessons of the Universidad Europea business program are taught in English, Spanish or as part of a bilingual English/Spanish course. 40% of the business, international relations and tourism sectors are made up of foreign students from 60 countries. This international dimension reinforces the students’ open-mindedness and culture.

In addition, the Universidad Europea offers to complete semesters or years abroad thanks to partnerships with prestigious schools such as McGill University in Montreal or Erasmus for example. This unique experience allows students to evolve in a multicultural dimension, to travel and discover new horizons, to master several languages ​​and to have an international vision of the careers available to them.

In addition, the Universidad Europea offers its students a pleasant living environment on its four campuses located in Spain (Madrid, Valencia and the Canary Islands): luxury university residence, numerous sports facilities, rich community life, cultural activities , alumni network, health service, etc. These conditions also allow them to create links with foreign students from all over the world.

A methodology based on practice

The Universidad Europea offers its students a learning centered on practice and innovation. Its methodology is based on experimentation, teamwork, professional experiences, all based on real case studies and the development of challenges and challenges with companies.

Using innovative teaching tools and the latest technologies, courses are given by teachers who are open to the professional world. This makes it possible to provide students with quality education at all levels and to prepare them for work, particularly internationally.

Students are also invited to put into practice the knowledge, skills and learning acquired during their training through cross-functional projects or directly within companies thanks to more than 400 hours of internship spread over the duration of their course.

As a reminder, most students find a job less than twelve months after graduating from the Universidad Europea. The post-study employability rate reaches 89%.

Following business courses, young graduates can apply for positions of responsibility in large companies: commercial attaché, marketing director, merchandising manager, commercial director, business developer, research manager, etc.

The excellence of Universidad Europea’s business training is therefore based on the quality of teachers, innovative teaching, proximity to the business world and international openness.

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