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British band Muse’s next album will be released in a limited edition on the NFT Serenade platform

‘Will of the People’, the ninth studio album by iconic rock band Muse, will be released on August 26 as NFT and is set to be the first-ever release to hit the charts in the UK and Australia.

Formed in 2014, Muse won the NME Award for Best British Group in 2007, 2010 and 2011, the MTV Europe Music Award for Best Performance on a World Stage in 2019, and the Grammy Award for Best Rock Album in 2011 and 2016, among many other awards.

Back in 2020, Muse also worked with Dapper Lab’s CryptoKitties project to create digital collectibles. “Will of the People” will be sold through Serenade, the “eco-friendly” platform that helps artists capitalize on the NFT boom.

Muse have always had a big appetite for innovation and pushing the boundaries of how they deliver their music to fans, so using this technology to elevate the experience of their new album made a lot of sense.“said Max Shand, CEO of Serenade.

According to the Serenade site, the platform uses the Polygon layer 2 solution to mint NFTs. The company calls Polygon’s Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mechanism “much more efficientthan Ethereum’s current proof-of-work (PoW) consensus algorithm.

All Serenade NFTs are hit on the [chaîne] Polygon, because we appreciate its affordability and eco-friendliness“, said Shand. “On Serenade, we bear the gas costs on behalf of all users – artists and fans – because we want to replicate the frictionless shopping experience that today’s customers are accustomed to, and Polygon allows us to do it to scale.

The notable feature of Serenade is that the platform does not require users to create a crypto wallet before buying NFTs, and people can use debit and credit cards to buy NFTs on the site. Users can also use their existing Bitcoin or Ethereum wallets linked to Coinbase.

As Shand further explains, when a fan signs up for Serenade, the platform automatically creates a digital wallet on their behalf using Web3’s infrastructure authentication solution, Web3Auth.

The fan then has the option of storing their NFT in their Serenade collection or transferring it to an external wallet of their choice.“said the CEO of Serenade.

First NFT album to chart

The Official Charts Company (OCC), which manages the official UK Top 40 charts, made NFT albums eligible for the charts in April this year, when British indie rock band The Amazons released an NFT digital box set, limited to 100 copies.

It was, however, an exit “containing NFT content” in the form of never-before-seen animated photographs taken at a key moment in the band’s past, rather than a standalone release.

According to The Guardian, Muse’s upcoming NFT album is limited to 1,000 copies worldwide and will be available in both NFT and limited edition formats.

For a $24.50 purchase, fans will get a downloadable version of the album as hi-res FLAC files featuring Muse members’ digital signatures. Additionally, each of the 1,000 buyers will have their name permanently listed on the linked buyer list.

According to Martin Talbot, Managing Director of the OCC, the release of Muse did not force an update to the OCC’s charter eligibility rules, as it becomes NFT’s first album that meets the criteria for entry, Serenade having been approved as a charter digital retailer.

There’s been a lot of noise about NFTs being the future of music, the future of entertainment, the future of ownership“Talbot told the Guardian.

And it looks like this is just the start of an exciting new journey.

Following the release of Muse on August 26, we will be working with a number of emerging and iconic artists to use the digital pressing format to release albums, EPs and singles for fans, with a focus on music“, Shand said, adding that Serenade will also look at”the joys of unlocking bonuses and burning names [des fans] in the history of a record forever“.

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