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Bordeaux: without a CV, this new job platform is based solely on skills

Camille Berteau and Miguel Munoz have launched an innovative new job platform without a CV or cover letter. (© / Bryan Nardelli) is the new job platform launched from January 31, 2022 by two youtubers from Bordeaux: Camille Berteau and Miguel Munoz.

“It’s an inverted platform: candidates create their profile based on their skills and what they like to do and employers contact them directly. »

At the head of an IT service company, the 33-year-old Bordeaux resident relied on her own experience to co-create this project: “I never had a vocation, I always had this frustration of telling myself that ‘you have to choose a path when you know very few professions. »

No CV or cover letter, this new platform complements all the work done for four years on their YouTube channel “Now I love Monday“. In their videos, the two Bordelais produce reports to highlight all kinds of professions: baker, psychologist, cleaning agent or even hornet hunter.

And for a little over a year, they have specialized in jobs that recruit: “Even if it means highlighting jobs, you might as well highlight jobs that offer career opportunities. »

Discover jobs that are recruiting

It is in this idea that this new employment platform was born: “We offer jobs that are not always very well known, that do not need a lot of training or years of study and that are recruiting. »

Professions that have difficulty recruiting, in particular because of their lack of knowledge among job seekers, such as the industrial aluminum production sector or the profession of medical regulation assistant.

Videos: currently on Actu

For example, someone who goes to Pôle emploi will be in the process of looking for advertisements in sectors he knows or in the profession he has always exercised. This person does not know that he has the potential to do many other jobs.

Camille Berteauco-founder of

By mentioning his skills and know-how, the job seeker will receive offers from several trades that require similar skills and for which he had perhaps never thought of applying.

Valuing skills

When registering, each person is invited to describe themselves as precisely as possible and to indicate their areas of interest: working alone or in a team, indoors or outdoors, whether or not they want to learn a new profession while training, the expected salary, working on staggered hours, what she likes (taking care of people, working with hands, food, etc.) or her values ​​(freedom, sharing with others, etc.).

A desire to promote skills in the eyes of employers in the face of the CV. “We wanted to specialize in trades that do not require specific qualifications or where training can be provided in-house. That way, we get rid of everything that is CV and therefore we simplify the registration process for the candidate as much as possible. »

“We had made a video on the profession of water technician. In the company in question, they prefer people who do not have the BTS license but who have the necessary skills and ambitions. Because the profession, they can learn it internally, but knowing how to work in a team cannot be learned,” says Miguel, an IT engineer.

Facilitate hiring and retraining

The platform targets job seekers but also people looking for professional retraining.

“We also reach people who are not unemployed and who are not going to register with Pôle Emploi. There are people who want to retrain but who don’t do it because they don’t have an insured job behind if they give up everything, ”says the 31-year-old Bordelais.

In three weeks, the platform has exceeded 2,000 registered candidates throughout France. At least 50 employers have already sent job offers and more than a hundred candidates have already received an offer.

“We first want to see if this reverse operation appeals to people. So far that seems to be the case. But in any case, it will not replace our YouTube channel, ”concludes Camille Berteau.

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