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What are the daily tasks of the security project manager?

the security project manager supervises all phases of an IT project (design, implementation, deployment, maintenance, etc.). Its role is to carry out missions to prevent andanticipate risks and threats which could damage the structure’s networks and information systems.

Analysis and diagnosis

Upstream, the IT security project manager defines the needs allowing him to meet the security challenges in line with his organization. To do this, it carries out analyzes of security solutions on the market and monitors security products. This cybersecurity expert must have a perfect knowledge of these products in order to be able to cover the risks. It is also during the analysis phase that he will establish the general functional specifications transcribed into specifications to provide security solutions.

Conduct project

Most of his work consists of project management. The security project manager responds to and follows up on calls for tenders. In addition, he analyzes the security risks associated with the project and proposes security measures if necessary.

Taking control of the security solutions studied during the study phases is another of his daily tasks. It contributes to the design, integration and evaluation of new security solutions and monitors them to reduce risk. If there is a security incident, it is up to the manager to ensure their follow-up. He may also be required to control the proper integration of security in projects by carrying out internal audits and tests. These make it possible to assess the evolution of the level of security of the information system.

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He writes standards, good practice guides and procedures to support the use of information systems by operational teams. These aids comply with the methodology of the information security management system. The security project manager also carries out a set of actions aimed at to raise awareness users of the information system. This awareness can be general or targeted.

Team work

This expert never works alone. He ensures the coordination of the actors of a project to guarantee its success. Acting in the role ofanimator, he supervises a team of IT specialists, developers and security architects. The company’s information security strategy is defined according to the advice and expertise of its team.

Throughout the project, the security project manager communicates with all the stakeholders and issues alerts if necessary. He also leads follow-up meetings as well as steering committees and informs about the key performance indicators (KPI) of the project.

Skills/Qualities of the information systems security project manager

Know how to implement project management methods

- Mastery of the work environment

- Skills in information systems

- Knowledge of current legal regulations

- Rigor and autonomy

- Sense of service

- Good communication skills

How to become a security project manager? Which Master to choose?

The profession of security project manager is rarely accessible after obtaining a diploma. Even if a degree in computer science from Bac+3 to Bac+5 level is required, one or more experiences in the field of cyber project management or in IT project management are required (3 to 5 years).

Several types of training exist and lead to this profession. Training in the protection of personal data may be requested. Just like a network and security project manager training. Some companies even go so far as to require specific security certifications such as the ISO 27001 security standard.

To access employment more quickly, future security project managers can join a computer school specializing in cybersecurity. For example, Guardia Cybersecurity School trains future security project managers via its Bachelor’s degree in IT Developer, cybersecurity option, level 6 RNCP title (Bac+3). Accessible after the Baccalaureate, this course allows you to acquire the fundamentals of IT, cybersecurity and IT development, but also cross-functional skills such as communication, languages, leadership, management, digital law or even l ‘team spirit.

The training is professional: projects, challenges, intrusion test competitions and internships punctuate the three years of the course. The opportunity for students to develop their technical skills and their employability. Still to promote the integration of students, the third and final year can be carried out on a work-study program (or work-study course).

Do you want to become a security project manager?

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Employment: career opportunities as an IT security project manager

With the rise in cybercriminal attacks, cybersecurity professions have become indispensable today. The security project manager can work in various organizations: in an industrial company as well as in a service company or in the public sector. Software publishers and IT companies, banks and insurance companies, telecommunications companies as well as hospitals and health centers are recruiting security project managers.

This cybersecurity manager can also work in different sectors: IT, digital transformation, energy, transport, armaments, environment…

Professional evolution

After several years of experience, the security project manager can progress to the position of information systems manager (RSSI).

Security project manager salary

At the start of their career, a security project manager earns an average of €4,000 per month. As with many other trades, this amount depends on the size of the company who wishes to hire him and his experience.

After a few years of experience, this cybersecurity expert can be paid up to €6,000 per month.

As a freelancer, the security project manager can earn on average between €600 and €1,500 per day. This rate is defined and varies according to the assignmentthe venuethe duration and theexperience.

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