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Become a Cybersecurity Engineer – Job description, training and salary

As the name suggests, the cybersecurity engineer is responsible for the security of a company’s digital data. Its role: to fight against computer piracy.

The missions of the cybersecurity engineer

To do this, it carries out a permanent audit of the level of security at different levels: network access, architecture, communication protocols, applications, services and data access. In the event of a fault on the site, he will draw up a rigorous action plan to repair and strengthen the information systems.

At each intrusion alert, it analyzes the security logs and network flows. The implementation of correlation rules allows it to detect anomalies leading to a security breach or a cyberattack. In other words, the engineer manages security incidents and carries out regular checks of computer security levels (search for threats and vulnerabilities) to identify new sources of potential attacks.

He also participates in the drafting of activity monitoring reports. In addition, the engineer supervises the installation of the equipment in order to secure the systems and makes all users aware of good practices in terms of digital security. To avoid attacks as much as possible, he must constantly be on the lookout for the latest innovations capable of improving security.

Skills needed for this job

Knowledge in the field of security of information systems and operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS)

- Technical computer skills (C++, Javascript…)

- Basics in software development and mastery of scripting languages

- Rigour, anticipation, analytical mind

- Interpersonal skills

- Curiosity

- English proficiency

- Sense of adaptability and team spirit

How to become a cybersecurity engineer? What training to follow? Which schools do you prefer?

For become a cybersecurity engineer, it is necessary to obtain a Bac+5 training in engineering schools or an equivalent training in universities. Computer schools can also be a good alternative.

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Some engineering schools offer specialized training in cybersecurity. This is the case of ESIEA, which offers a major in Cybersecurity, during its Engineering Cycle (Bac+5, authorized by the Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur – CTI).

For become a cybersecurity specialist, the student engineer can first follow, after the Bac, his Preparatory Cycle (Bac+2) which allows him to acquire in two years the basics of the engineering profession, before specializing during his Engineering Cycle ( Bac+5) with the Cybersecurity major, labeled SecNumedu. On the program for this major, courses in network and system security, secure programming, cryptography, management, security law and standards.

Discover the Cybersecurity major in video

The teaching is professional: engineering students carry out several projects each year and accumulate between 15 months of internships and up to 3 years of experience as part of a work-study program. Pierre Betouin, co-founder and CEO of Sqreen, is a graduate of this school: “Beyond teaching of exceptional quality, ESIEA provided me with a unique opportunity to learn entrepreneurship. I was able to start at school, as part of human training projects, the Challenge-SecuriTech, which has become the first computer security competition organized in France and bringing together more than 3,000 participants. »

Discover the work-study program offered by ESIEA

Cybersecurity, cyberdefense…: where does this engineer work?

The cybersecurity engineer is particularly in demand in the banking and health sector where data protection plays a key role. This computer security engineer can also work as a consultant in companies of varying sizes.

Cybersecurity is a sector with a future: the French Cybersecurity Federation is committed to create 20,000 jobs in the sector by 2025. Engineers are also sought after by the armed forces: the 2019-2025 military programming law provides for the recruitment of 1,000 new cybercombatants by 2025.

Cybersecurity engineers will therefore be in great demand in the years to come and young graduates have a very good card to play. The opportunities are therefore very numerous. As proof, 98% of ESIEA graduates find a job within 6 months of obtaining their diploma.

Professional evolution

Management is one of the most common changes. With experience, it is not uncommon to see cybersecurity engineers in turn train engineers and manage them in their daily missions. The cybersecurity engineer can also progress to a position of information systems security manager (RSSI). He can also choose to set up on his own account.

What is the salary of a cybersecurity engineer?

Salaries for a beginner are between 43,000 and 45,000 euros per year. The evolution of the salary can very quickly increase and reach up to 60,000 € per year.

A young ESIEA graduate reports receiving an average of €43,400 gross upon hiring.

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