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Australia woos Moroccan students

In a Tribune sent to Infomédiaire Maroc, entitled ”Australia: the perfect package for Moroccan students”, the Australian Ambassador to Morocco, Michael Cutts, explains why students who plan to continue or begin their studies in English language abroad should definitely learn about Australia.

”The combination of the Australian people, the place and the educational offer forms the perfect alliance for Moroccan students to discover their bright future.

International students choose Australia for its reputation as a safe place to live. The streets and public spaces of Australian cities provide a real sense of safety and freedom not always found in other parts of the world. Moroccan students will certainly be spellbound by Australian cities which have one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Australia provides you with an exotic experience, but also a welcoming, inclusive and favorable environment where, as in Morocco, the sun and the beautiful beaches are at the rendezvous.

Australia has an extraordinary heritage of innovation, ranging from research and development (for example, Wi-Fi, penicillin and the flight recorder, also known as a black box), to advances in the technology of education and a sustained effort to inspire entrepreneurship in graduates of all study disciplines. Major assets that will never cease to fascinate Moroccan students.

International students who choose Australia benefit from unique learning opportunities and experiences, thanks to our clean, safe and diverse natural environment. With four Australian cities ranked in the top 10 most livable cities in the world, Australia offers international students quality healthcare, transport, infrastructure and lifestyle. Students have a wide choice of places across Australia to pursue their studies and a variety of accommodation options are available to them, including student accommodation, Australian host families and houses. private rentals. One thing is certain, Moroccan hospitality will not be missed.

Australia has built a reliable reputation as a world leader in education, training and research by offering transferable and internationally recognized qualifications. It has therefore become one of the most popular study destinations for foreign students.

In life sciences and biomedicine, Australia is home to four of the world’s top 25 life sciences and innovation clusters. These are clusters structured around universities and involving hospitals and companies in the commercialization of research. In Australia, these life sciences and biomedicine clusters are found in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane (ranked 4th, 7th, 17th and 25th respectively in the world), with the Melbourne cluster ranked behind San Francisco, Boston and New York.

Seventy years of international education in Australia has created an international network of over 2.5 million graduates. Our alumni have long-term personal and professional ties to Australia, both at individual, business and government level. Australia’s educational offer and its incredible people and places combine to tell a uniquely Australian story, built with our students, graduates, families and partners around the world. Australia and Morocco are two geographical antipodes which are close all the same by their cultural diversity and their fascinating history.

Australia is proud of its diversity. Students from 193 countries have been welcomed into our vibrant, multicultural community which includes Australians who identify with over 270 backgrounds. Our multicultural community supports international students and celebrates cultural diversity through exceptional programs, events and festivals.

Australia consistently scores highly on aggregate measures of research quality, quality of life, learner satisfaction and employment outcomes. Students benefit from internationally recognized degrees, in addition to the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to achieve complete success in their personal and professional lives on the world stage. The future Moroccan leaders will certainly find their happiness there.

According to Times Higher Education, 95% of Australian universities are ranked among the best universities in the world. Also, the QS World Rankings places five Australian universities in the global top 50, while seven Australian universities are in the overall top 100. Australia has over 9,000 agreements and partnerships with universities around the world, and the Australian Government funds targeted programs to support practical links between university research and industry.

To get a taste of this offer, the Australian government is offering a free collection of online courses: “2022 Study Australia Masterclasses series”, a series of live events, from February 7 to 17, 2022, taught by academics world-renowned Australians covering a range of topics of universal significance. Registration for these 2022 Live Masterclasses is now open, with the academic lineup featuring several internationally recognized Australian scholars, including Nobel Laureates Professor Barry Marshall and Professor Brian Schmidt AC. Masterclass topics range from hydrogen and sustainable food to the expansion of the universe and infectious disease research.

For more information, you can visit; Masterclasses (

Register by clicking on this link: Study Australia Expo 2020 (”

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